How To Stay Motivated During Your Weight Loss Journey

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We often see a lack of motivation as synonymous with failure, especially when it comes to tracking weight loss! When you get down in the dumps about that number on the scale, it's important to remember that there are many ways to stay excited about weight loss. We've compiled a list of our favorite ways to rekindle your determination, so the next time you find yourself slacking off on your weight loss goals, be sure to take a look!

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1. Cut yourself some slack. If you've found that you are tapped out, then recognize that your body needs a break. Take a couple days off from your routine and just let yourself relax. If you force yourself to stick with a super strict set of guidelines, of course your mind and body are going to rebel!

2. Remind yourself of why you wanted to lose weight. Take a moment to write down a list of reasons why you wanted to shed those extra pounds to begin with. Consider questions like: "If I stop now, what will I look like a year from now?" or "If I stop now, what kind of impact will it have on my family?" Probing questions like these will help you recall why you started your weight loss journey in the first place and give you some weight loss motivation.

3. Plan out your weight loss success strategy. Planning your weight loss is similar to constructing a budget: You have an ultimate goal in mind, and you need to work backward to create stepping stones that will help you reach your goal. If you're feeling stuck, it might be time to re-evaluate your overall plan. Concentrate on redefining the milestones that you want to work toward, and allow yourself to get excited about the little accomplishments you have ahead of you!

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4. Stay away from unrealistic standards. This one might be easier said than done for those of us who love to keep up on our celebrity gossip! However, constantly exposing yourself to ridiculously skinny supermodels is not going to serve as the confidence-booster you're looking for! Studies have actually demonstrated that people who view pictures of extremely thin women or models feel more discouraged and discontent than people who view pictures of themselves when they were at their "happy" weight.

5. Make your motivation visible. Creating a plan and laying out weight loss goals is great, but sometimes you need a visible reminder to help get you through a slump. Hang that bikini you're dying to wear this summer, or those skinny jeans you haven't fit into since college next to your mirror. Every time you look at your reflection, you will feel a surge of motivation to reach your goal weight.

6. Engage in our Skinny Mom community. Most importantly, please remember that we are here for you! The Skinny Mom community is a great way to engage with positive influences and gain motivation from the struggles and achievements that moms just like you have tackled and accomplished. Our community is overflowing with stories that will help revive your weight loss goals in no time. The 21-Day Shred is HUGE in our community, and you can gain access by purchasing the Shred.


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