At-Home HIIT Workout For Busy Women

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The trendy HIIT workouts are popular for one reason: results. The structure is attractive for athletes and busy moms alike. With 10 to 30 minutes of work a couple times each week, you'll be able to burn calories and transform your body from the inside out. Every time you peak your cardio threshold, you'll earn hours of calorie-torching action post-workout – and you don't have to do anything! We've put together a quick at-home HIIT training workout for you.


Getting warmer. Before you dive into it, prime the muscles. It takes your body 3 to 5 minutes to efficiently switch energy systems when you begin aerobic training. Check out a warm-up here or follow the one below:

  • Minute 1: Jumping jacks and butt kicks – alternate between the two as you want for 60 seconds. Your exertion level should be less than halfway to your hardest working speed.
  • Minute 2: Pushups and inchworms – try giving five solid pushups for every two inchworms. This will warm up the upper body and get you used to working in a horizontal plane.
  • Minute 3: Reverse stepping lunges and jumping lunges – Advance your steps into jumps if you can, splitting your time with each exercise. You can swap lunges or squats or plié squats and jumps if you prefer.

If you're feeling good, move onto the next part or go back and pick another minute of work to repeat until you feel good to go!

Minutes 4 and 5, turn it up! Time for your first peak building moment. For the next two minutes, you'll perform an ascending ladder using two exercises:

For the lunges, you'll complete one on each side for a total of two reps. Every time to come back to the lunges, you'll add two more reps, but you'll always perform 10 mountain climbers.

Here's the standard for your mountain climbers:

Look at the image below to mirror the lunge technique. Notice how the chest is lifted and both knees bend at 90 degrees. Keep your front knee behind the front toes and the back knee under the hip.


Minute 6 is active recovery. It's not always go, go, go during these HIIT workouts. In fact, you need to incorporate a rest period. Like any busy mom, you're not one to sit around idly. Instead of stopping completely, you'll gradually take the heart rate down with control and maintain it at a lower aerobic level. For the next 60 seconds, complete as many side lunge rows as possible, with or without dumbbells.

Minutes 7 and 8, crank it up, again! For the next two minutes, you'll pick a number between six and 12. Stick to that number — it's the amount of reps you'll complete of the next three exercises. You'll cycle through them without stopping until the two minutes are up:


Do not stop until time is up! Once you're finished, take 45 seconds to catch your breath. Finish the workout with your favorite stretches or ab routine, like the 30/20/10 Rock Your Core workout.

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