The Workout That Will Turn Your Crappy Day Around

| Fitness

On top of making you feel frustrated and angry, a crappy day drives your adrenaline and cortisol sky high. The fallout from these powerful chemicals can cause your energy to crash, your to brain shut down, and sugar cravings to kick in. Gah!

Though you can't always avoid the stress, you can do damage control with a smart workout. This series of high-intensity moves from Women's Health hits all of your major muscle groups to give you a full-body burn. Jump, push, and throw all of your energy into each exercise and you'll end your workout feeling totally chill.

The workout: Complete the first five moves in a row, with no rest in between exercises. After finishing the first circuit, rest for one minute. Repeat the sequence for a total of three rounds.

women's health stress busting workout graphic

To see instructions for each move, click here to read the original article from Women's Health.

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