Weight Loss Is Easier With Friends

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We're no strangers to weight loss at SkinnyMom.com, as millions of women trust us to provide healthy, lightened-up recipes, fat-burning workouts and the latest health and lifestyle trends. We even created our own 21-Day Shred program, which thousands of women are following each day to lose weight! But of all the different methods we share to help you drop pounds and tone it up, there's one thing we know is essential to losing weight: friends.


Having your girlfriends behind you is great, but when you go out to eat at your favorite pizzeria, they probably won't give up their slice of pepperoni as you order a salad. What you need on your journey to weight loss are friends who understand your struggles, can give sound advice and will celebrate every victory with you. For this, look to social communities like Skinny Mom's Private Community!

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Our private group is filled with over 1,600 women who are following similar eating guidelines and workouts, and all want to provide smarter, healthier lifestyles for their families. Many women in the group are following the 21-Day Shred. No matter what "stage" they are on, the women in this group — some of whom are not even moms — have come to know each other personally and find this community to be a main motivator.


Community member Treenah K. said this private community made all the difference in her experience and results:

"This is probably one of a dozen plans that I’ve done and all of them are the same; you start with the best of intentions, all this intensity and you go in guns blazin’ and then after about a week I, like most, just kind of say, ‘Okay, that was fun.’ And you fall back into old habits. The difference for this plan was the community aspect. Having the other moms who were going through the same struggles I was... being able to talk to them and just be honest and say, ‘Y'all, I’m having a really bad day and I’m about to stress eat. Please chime in and prevent me from finishing that pizza that the babysitter did not eat while we were out.’ Those girls are what pulled me through and got me through the 21 days."

Treenah said that, even though these friends she's made were not physically in the room doing the workouts with her, they still helped her push through every at-home session. "Knowing that I would be talking about [the workout] with these girls in the Shred group afterwards and [would be] complaining about the same sore muscles made me stick to it," she said.

Each day, members of the community post words of encouragement, give tips and advice, and share the not-so-glamorous moments of their journeys on the private feed. But best of all, these ladies share their victories together, just as member Heather C. did after each round of the 21-Day Shred she followed. Check out Heather's transformation after just three rounds below!

21-Day Shred community before and after
(Photo: Photos Courtesy of Heather C.)

Now, Heather's total loss comes to 30.2 pounds and 18.25 inches. When she shared her before and after photos, over 160 reactions and 30 comments followed by other members of the private community. Words like, "You look fantastic!", "You looked good before and strong now", and "You are my inspiration" flooded the post and Heather says this support encourages her to continue working hard to achieve her goals. She is now participating in a member-organized reboot of the 21-Day Shred this month!

shred weight loss testimony

While the 21-Day Shred is a major focus of the group, friendships have formed within this community. Smaller groups have stemmed based on members' shared interests or experiences. A group for Fitbit lovers now participate in weekly Skinny Mom challenges and a support group for women with PCOS has formed from these relationships, too. If a lack of accountability and support are keeping you from reaching your goals, this private community of strong, genuine women could be just what you need to kick the rut.

Ready to get started on your own weight loss journey with help from Skinny Mom's Private Community? Grab your copy of the 21-Day Shred today and gain access to the group that will change your life.