Sweat It Out Under The Sun With These Outdoor Workouts

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Move your workout outside to conquer a two-for-one: a fresh-air tan and your daily exercise. Bringing your training session outdoors opens up an entire landscape of new equipment and challenges. Slap on that sunscreen and get ready to go with these best outside workouts!

1. Jump rope + sprints: Grab a jump rope. Make sure it's the right size for you. You can test this by holding the handles and stepping one foot into the center of the rope as you straighten the slack and pull it up to your chest. The beginning of the handle should be about 2 inches from your armpit. Try to do 20 to 100 jumps, singles or doubles (you so fancy!), then take off for a sprint down the sidewalk. This is an easy one to do while your kids are playing outside at home.


2. Agility training: Dust off your reflex skills with some jumps. You can use basic hopscotch techniques with in-and-out jumps (see prisoner jacks), single-leg hops and toe taps. Any type of explosive movement will target the fast-twitch muscle fibers, the same fibers sprinters and athletes alike condition every day. Click here to see what an agility ladder workout might look like for you.

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3. Playground workout: Have no fear and use your imagination on the playground, just like you used to when you were little. The monkey bars can work the shoulders and lats; a sliding pole can be anchor for your resistance band; the swing can be a makeshift TRX. You can truly get a total-body workout here! Go early in the morning before the crowds come. Watch the video below or click here.

4. Stadium stairs: Go to your local school and use the stadium there for more than just sitting and watching. Mix up the moves as you go up the steps (lunges, jumps, pushups and more) then jog back down to the start. Real Mom Holly Beck can show you exactly what this workout can look like below: Click here to get the printable workout!

5. Hit the trails or get sandy. Take advantage of all Mother Nature has to offer! Use the unpaved trails and beaches to maximize your training with a steady-paced jog. The uneven surface will challenge your joints and muscles to work harder to stabilize and execute the contractions. If you're a novice beach runner, click here for some tips and guidelines.


6. Yoga in the park: 'Tis the season for yoga retreats and classes in the great outdoors. Most studios will offer at least one class a week in a local park or green space. Get in on this! Being outdoors while you practice yoga can replace lost energy, heighten your awareness, build confidence and decrease the stress hormone cortisol. Namaste.

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7. Cycling: "It's like riding a bike," they say – referring to something so instinctual. You don't need to cycle sprints or push yourself up hills. Enjoy the ride. If you don't own a bike, search for bike rentals near you and hop on a trail. This can bring the family together, too. What mom doesn't appreciate a solid two-for-one?!

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