11 Ways To Get Rid Of Back Fat

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It's easy to forget about training the upper back muscles since you never see them – that is, until you suddenly have to wear an open-back bridesmaid dress, swimsuit or even a fitted top! No worries. You can isolate the area with key exercises, and if completed three to five times a week, you'll be in backless business. We'll show you how to get rid of back fat with these free weight exercises for a killer upper body workout.

back view of woman running on treadmill

Superman your way out of the back fat frenzy with these belly-down rows. Use light free weights whenever you feel like the reps aren't enough. Pro tip: The goal here is to keep the spine aligned, so don't try to lift too high! Keep the girls on the mat.

1. Superman lifts: Lift with your butt and upper back muscles instead of pushing away with your belly. With your nose to the mat, the spine stays straight and you're on your path to a toned backside! Try it here.

2. Superman rows: Take this position to new heights by adding in a row. Simply draw the elbows back, then push the arms forward to straighten again. You'll notice this is more difficult than it looks! See for yourself!


3. IYT Lifts: This move is easy to remember how to do: Create an "I" with your arms, then the "Y" followed by the "T." You're working the posterior delts of the shoulders and the large muscles around the shoulder blades. In other words, you're trimming the fat and boosting the muscle! Here are more details.


4. Superman Ball Lift: Grab a ball, pillow or any lightweight object and place it between your ankles. Easier said than done! Once you're there, resume your Superman lifts like in the first exercise. This time, try to hold the "up" position for a few seconds before you release. Try this tricky move here.


Grab a band and a pair of dumbbells for this next set. Adding resistance to simple lever movements will spark a fire in the back muscles, burning fat for hours. Pro tip: Change the intensity of these exercises by altering the slack in your band or adding a quicker pace and higher reps when using your free weights.

5. Resistance Band Row: Wrap the band around a sturdy pole and scoot it up to chest height. Step away from the pole with outstretched arms, leaving neither slack nor tension in the band. Lean back a little, then begin your rows. Click here to check it out.


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6. Resistance Band Good Mornings: This one takes a little getting used to, but it's so beneficial. Think of it as a preventative exercise that strengthens the spine and improves your posture as well as your ability to do all-over back exercises. Keep the back flat, knees bent, chest up and eyes straight ahead. Push your hips forward and back using your glutes. Try it out here!


7. Bent Over Row: Drag the weights from the knees to the hips, squeezing the shoulder blades together at the back end of the movement. Go ahead, go big! You'll have fine, sleek arms to match your toned back. Click here for step-by-step instructions.


8. Reverse Fly: The fly can be performed against a bench or ball so that the torso is more parallel to the floor (try it standing or see what it looks like using a band and only one arm). Whatever way you work it, you'll streamline toned muscles from the middle back through the shoulders and into the arms. Remember, soft elbows! Fly it out here.

Reverse Fly

9. Seated Row with Resistance Band: Slowly pull the band toward your ribcage, pause and release. You'll feel a lot of the tension in your biceps, too. It's all connected! Sit tall and drop the shoulders to direct the best form. Check your form here.

Seated Row

Never underestimate a solid yoga pose or flow. The practice has always made it a point to include all muscle groups for a total-body strengthening experience. Pose and breathe.

10. Warrior I and II: The Warrior pose, also known as Virabhadrasana, has three levels. The first two levels can target the back flexor muscles. Drop the shoulders away from the ears and breathe into working muscles. Watch Real Mom Model Jean Sherfick guide you into Warrior I below or click here for tips on Warrior II.

11. Chair Pose: Holding this position is a great challenge for the abs, thighs and back. Raise your arms higher for a more advanced option, or keep them at the heart center. You can even twist to one side to stretch the back. Try it here.


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