An At-Home Ab Workout For A Tight Tummy

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No more doing 100 sit-ups and crunches before bed, thinking that's your one way to better abs. The fitness industry is always growing, expanding and getting more creative with exercises so you can get better results. See more creative workouts and satisfying results with Skinny Mom's 21-Day Shred here. If you're ready to get rid of your mommy belly, give any of these 13 moves for tight abs a shot at transforming your abdominals – you won't regret it!

1. Russian Twist: Leave it to the Russians to come up with a crazy core burning move. OK, maybe that's not historically accurate, but the point is this move is the real deal. Pull the navel into the spine and avoid arching the lower back. Lead the twist with your elbows, not your head. Feet up or feet down – you choose! Get more technique tips here. 

2. Straight Leg Reverse Crunch: Those pesky lower abdominals have met their match! Lying on your back, lift the legs over the hips and begin the reverse crunch. You only need to lift an inch or two off the floor. No booty slamming! Control the lowering motion, too. Check it out here. 


3. Bicycle Toe Taps: This is another defensive move against the often bloated lower belly. Women can use this to strengthen their pelvic floor, too. Only go as low as you can without hyperextending your back off the mat. The trick to really feeling this one is to maintain a 90-degree bend in the knees as you lower. Ching, ching! New abs coming through! See more on it here.

Bicycle Toe Taps

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4. Plank Tucks with Stability Ball: Here's where things start to get real. The tiny little muscles in your core will go crazy during this exercise as you try to balance and coordinate the tucks. Keep your hips down as you pull in and fully extend the legs to finish a rep. See how Skinny Mom founder and CEO Brooke Griffin adds the twist here.


5. Mountain Climbers with Gliders: Ramp up your mountain climbers by adding sliders under your feet. Try fuzzy socks on hard floors or paper plates on carpet. No butts in the air! Get tips on the move here.

6. Cross Unders with BOSU: Similar to mountain climbers, the cross unders have you take one knee under the chest toward the opposite elbow. Oh yeah, and you're holding onto a BOSU for dear life. Try to keep the BOSU as still as possible. Get the breakdown here. 

BOSU Cross Unders

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7. Kettlebell Windmill: Try this one on your obliques. It will trim your waistline and strengthen your overall core. Keep the legs straight! See it in action here.


8. Starfish Abs: Alternate crunching the upper body so the hand can touch the opposite toe. Use your other arm to help you balance, but not to help you lift! This cross-abdominal exercise will have you feeling the burn in no time. Get more details here.


9. Lateral Bear Crawl: Who knew crawling on your hands would do your abs some crazy good? With a flat back and level hips, you'll feel the lower belly burning. Get the down-low on it here.


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10. Toe Touch: With your feet in the air over your hips, crunch the torso and reach for the toes! You don't have to actually touch them, but each attempt will strengthen the six-pack abs waiting for you. Bookmark this one here!

toe touch

11. Plank Jack and Jump: Planks are amazing tools for ab carving. Add a little cardio to your plank with a foot jack and jump (kind of like a burpee, but the hands stay down). See how you can include it in your next workout here!


12. Plank Swing Pendulum (TRX): Pulled from the Ultimate Playground Workout series, the swing pendulum will target your six-pack stabilizers while working the obliques. Take it a step farther and use this with TRX straps (check it out here). See how to swing your abs here.


13. Hip Crossover: Use this one during a warm up or cool down. Extend the legs for an advanced option. The movement is slow and controlled. See how it set up for it here.