Bikini Body Workout For Moms

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Think you need the body of a 16-year-old cheerleader to wear a bikini? Think again. If that was the only premise for wearing a rockin' two-piece, approximately .01 percent of moms would be wearing one! It's all about how you feel in it. Add a little sweat equity via this bikini body workout to change your perspective. Not sure what you'll be sunning yourself in this summer? Check out Skinny Mom's compilation of more than 50 suits moms love!

bikini swimsuit beach

Getting warmer. First, wake up those muscles and let them know what they're in for during the next 20 minutes. With a few shoulder rolls and arm circles, begin your dynamic warm up. That's just a fancy way of saying stretch and move at the same time. Try a few reps of the lunge and twist without the band followed up by the scorpion stretch to warm up the core and lower body. Do between six and 10 reps for each exercise, then incorporate a little cardio to boost blood flow:

Target the right areas. At this point, you want to focus on sculpting and toning, so most of your workout will be strength training. You'll still have a little cardio thrown into the mix to maximize the strength exercises you're doing. The target areas include the thighs, butt, abdominals and shoulders or upper back. Check out the video below for an intense thigh and tummy shaping workout! Continue below to get on with your workout.



Pick a number 10 through 30 and use it for your number of repetitions throughout your workout. Here are the top three leg and thigh exercises to transform your lower body.

1. Bridge Lifts with Pilates Ring: With this move, you'll fire up the glutes and inner thighs for a double burn! The upper body stays active by squeezing through the lats and pulling in the core to ensure good form. See more here.

glute bridge

2. Standing Inner Thigh Squeeze: Contracting the inner thigh muscles or continually tensing them in an isometric hold will help you create the look of long, lean legs. With the pelvis in a neutral position and the arms engaged, these simple, tiny ball squeezes will make a big difference! Check it out here or you can click here to see how to advance this move.


3. Leg Lift Tap: Can't forget about the outer thigh. With this exercise, you can functionally train the inner and outer thigh. It's easy to rock back and forth as you lift and tap, but if you brace the abs, the body will act as a rock solid foundation. See what kind of pace is best for this exercise here.


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4. Superman Ball Lifts: Use a Pilates ring, beach ball, whatever you have on hand to situate between your ankles. Lift and lower a few inches using the butt and back muscles. You can even hang your legs off a bench for a bigger movement. See how to include in the upper back here.


5. Goblet Squat: Drop the hips back and down while holding the kettlebell (or any weight) under your chin, close to the body. This gets a little tricky because you'll want to roll through the toes to support the load you added to the front of your body. Don't! Push up through the heels and stand tall. Get more tips on it here.

6. Jumping Lunges: Plyometric exercises like this will recruit the fast twitch muscle fibers that A) burn more fat and carbs, and B) shorten the muscles for a more bubblicious look. Use your arms to counterbalance, lift the chest and always land with bent knees. Try the reverse stepping lunge if jumps aren't your thing!



7. Knee Tucks with Gliders: By adding gliders under the feet, you create a slippery challenge for the rest of the body as you try to tuck the legs. Go through this movement slowly, tucking the knees under the chest, then completely extending the legs to your plank. Draw through the belly button as you pull in and you'll certainly feel the intensity in your abs! Get more details here.


8. Bicycle Toe Taps: To target the lower abdominals, keep the knees bent as you lift and lower them. You can alternate or move them together for a tougher challenge. After doing these a few times, you might be looking for more, so click here to see how you can level up with BOSU bicycle twists or learn more about the toe taps here.

Bicycle Toe Taps

9. Kettlebell Windmill: Shape your waistline with oblique-targeting exercises like the windmill. Grab a weight and set the feet wide. You'll sink into one hip, but be sure to avoid sitting the hips backward. Use your obliques, the muscles that cinch the waist, to steer the exercise. Learn more on the proper form here.


10. Standing Rear Delt Raise: Trim back fat and tone the shoulders in one smooth lift. First, shift your weight to the back body, sitting into your heels. The elbows are slightly bent so you can really focus on the muscles around the shoulders doing the work. Learn more about this effective exercise here.

standing rear delt raise

11. Tricep Pushups: Different from the standard pushup, place your hands closer together – directly under the shoulders. When you lower the chest, the elbows stay super close to the body so the triceps take the load. You can try these on your knees first until you build up more strength. Check out this upper body classic here.


12. Weighted Jumping Jack: Hold a pair of lighter dumbbells while you push through your final exercise. The elbows are soft so you keep the shoulders engaged. Instead of reps, go for time: 30 or 60 seconds. You got this! Check out more here.


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