10 Exercises For Your Inner And Outer Thighs

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Thighs are tough to tone, but if you're unhappy with yours, you CAN tone them up! Here are a few great exercises specifically for working out your inner and outer thighs.

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1. Side Lunge with Sliding Disk: This move requires a sliding disk. If you don't have one, you can easily substitute it with a hand towel or paper plate. This will work your legs and glutes. While you're sliding your leg back to the center, your inner thighs will do all the work. Click here to see how to do it!

skinny mom side lunge with sliding disk

2. Lying Double Leg Lift: This is a great move to slim your thighs! It can be done at home since there's no equipment needed, and it's a great addition to any workout routine. Watch the video below for instructions or click here.

3. Inner Thigh Lifts: With the straight knee, you're forced to work all your inner leg muscles. You'll love the burn in your quads and obliques! Click here to see how to do it!


4. Frog Jumps: This move may work your entire body, but you'll definitely be feeling the burn in your legs. Make sure you're putting a lot of power in your jumps to get the most out of this move. For further instructions, click here.

skinny mom frog jumps exercise

5. Spiderwoman Pushups: Like the frog jump, this move is an all-over toner, but you'll love the way you can target your thighs while working your upper body and core. Click here to see how it's done.

skinny mom spiderwoman pushup exercise

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6. Squat Step with Resistance Band: Squats are a great move for your thighs and booty, and with the added resistance band, you'll be toning in no time! Click here for details on this move.

skinny mom resistance squat step with resistance band exercise

7. Side Star Plank: This is a great plank variation when you want to get in a lower body workout! You'll still work your core and upper body, and your thighs will experience a new and challenging workout. Click here to see it done.

side star plank 2

8. Leg Circles: This move is a bit kinder, allowing you to lie on the ground for the duration of the workout. You can put a yoga mat or towel under you for this one. You can also add weights to bump up the difficulty. Here's how to do them!

skinny mom weighted leg circles exercise

9. Wall Squat: This move can be done anywhere, whether at home, the gym, the park or even your office. Here's how!

skinny mom wall sit exercise

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10. Stair Climb with Kickback: This can easily be done at home. In fact, you can incorporate this move into your daily life when walking around your home. Click here and see it done!

Skinny Mom gif of stair climb with kickback exercise