14 Free Weight Exercises For Sexy Summer Shoulders

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The sun is ready to kiss those shoulders – but are you ready to show them off? By working on the upper arms, upper back and chest muscles, you can sculpt the perfect shoulders. Strengthen them with a pair of moderately heavy dumbbells, somewhere between 5 and 15 pounds, and use between six and 12 repetitions for each set. If you're looking for more than just a shoulder workout, give the 21-day Shred a shot! Ready to get those shoulders in shape? Here are the best workouts for your arms!

1. Strict Shoulder Press: Using only the strength from your shoulders, no momentum or push from the legs, lift and lower the weights. This move focuses the work at the heart of the shoulder. See how to set it up here.

seated shoulder push exercise

2. Alternating Shoulder Press: Isolate each shoulder by splitting up the reps. You'll be tempted to sway to one side or the other, but stand your ground! This move also targets the core shoulder muscles, the delts! See how to include this one in your next workout here.

alternating shoulder press exercise

3. Push Press: Add a little cardio to your shoulder sculpting routine. With a little "dip and drive" action from the legs, you'll be able to move more weight over your head compared to the two strict presses above. Get a feel for it here.

push press with dumbbells exercise

4. Reverse Fly on Stability Ball: Burn up the upper back, right between the shoulder blades, to prime yourself for any tanks, swimsuits or backless dresses. Elbows are soft or bent in this one so the load goes into the back and shoulders instead! See how to get into position here.

Reverse Chest Fly on stability ball exercise

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5. Butterfly with Shoulder Press: It might take a little coordination, but it's worth it! You'll work the upper arms, chest and upper back with this one, and of course, the shoulders. The magic number here is 90 – keep that angle in your elbows for the butterfly to be effective! Get more tips on technique here.

Butterfly Chest Shoulder Press with dumbbells exercise

6. Tricep Extensions on Stability Ball: Those three muscles in the back of your arm can make or break your overall upper body strength. Focus on these with overhead extensions. Elbows are close to the head, otherwise you'll be working your forearms! Learn more about how to check your form here.

tricep extensions on stability ball exercise

7. Front and Side Raise Combo: Stand in front a mirror as you lift to make sure you're not going too high or staying too low; reaching shoulder height is ideal. If you have to swing your body or rest at the bottom, your weights are too heavy. Get more details on this combo move here!

front and side raise combination with dumbbells or lateral raise with dumbbells

8. Rear Delt Raise: Very similar to the reverse fly on the stability ball in #4, you'll perform a lift while standing. Root your feet under the hips and pull in the abs. You have to control more muscle groups and think about form while standing. Perfect your form here.

standing rear delt raise exercise

9. Front Raise with Rotation: The rotator cuff is one of the most common injuries from sports and daily activities. Strengthen yours with a very simple rotation with added resistance from the weight. This move slims down the front of the shoulders. See the breakdown here.

front raise with rotation with dumbbells exercise

10. Rolling Triceps Extension: Lie on the floor with a dumbbell in each hand, then slowly roll through each rep. This can be a tricky one to get down, but it will transform the back of your arms and shoulders! Check out more on technique here.

rolling tricep extension with dumbbell exercise

11. Pushup Rows: Add the pushup if you want! You might have to spread the feet apart for better balance. When you row, the moving shoulder and triceps are working just as hard as the supporting arm. The core is hard at work here, too! See more here.

pushup row with dumbbell exercise

12. Chest Press on Stability Ball: Aiming for the front delts, biceps and chest muscles, find your sweet spot on the stability and press! Elbows drop out to the sides as you come down. Double check your form here.

stability ball chest press with dumbbells exercise

13. Weighted Jumping Jacks: Grab a lighter pair of weights and use them until you finish this circuit. You can blast fat, tone the arms and leave feeling like you kicked some major butt! See more here.

weighted jumping jacks exercise

14. Weighted Scissor Arms: Set the timer and knock out 30 to 60 seconds. Find a good pace and stick with it, and your arms will feel it! Find out a little more here.

weighted scissor arms with dumbbells exercise