How Working Moms Can Get 10,000 Steps In A Day

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If only the ever-accumulating mileage your brain racks up during the day trying to juggle work, family and a home could count toward your steps. Instead, put your feet to the pavement and step to it! Guess what – walking can actually lower your blood pressure and stress levels. It burns calories, aids in fat loss and releases happy hormones to keep your mood in check. So, if you want to reach 10,000 steps and you're a working mom, you might have to get creative! Don't worry, we've got this covered.

running shoes

1. Once upon a time, far, far, far away... A busy, working mom parked her car. It's true! Add in another 50 to 100 steps in each direction. It might take you a little longer, but watching the number go up on your pedometer is much more gratifying.

2. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Oh, you're on the 42nd floor? Great! You'll get so many steps in before you even get to your desk. But really, if that's too much, take the elevator to a floor closer to yours, then walk the rest. You got this!

3. Convince your boss you need a walking desk. Seriously. Pitch this idea. It's an excellent opportunity for a company to invest in its employees' health, and studies show they increase productivity and quality of work from those who use it.

4. Nix the Netflix and grab a friend for a walk outside. Girl, we understand that glass of wine and open couch are calling your name after a long day. Drop the remote. Have the kids, your dog, a girlfriend or your favorite podcast walk with you around the neighborhood for a good 20 minutes.

woman walking her dog outside

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5. Get out of the office for lunch. Sure, you can still pack your break meal, but that doesn't mean you have to park it in the break room. Walk to another part of the building, go outside or meet a friend who is close by. If you absolutely cannot leave, promise yourself you'll walk at least 10 flights of stairs before you sit down in yet another chair.

6. March in place while you get ready and pack lunches. You might look like your 3-year-old doing the potty dance, but hey, steps are steps.

7. Commence a dance party in the kitchen when you get home. Show the family what's up by breaking down your mad dancing skills. This will be even more effective if you took tap dance lessons as a kid and shuffle ball change your way to 10,000.

mom and kids dancing playing ring around the rosie outside in a field

8. Set the clock to remind you to walk. It's great to get wrapped in your work day, cruising along and really getting things done. However, if you don't remind yourself to get up and move, you won't. Try setting it for every 90 minutes and commit to walking around the office or up and down a flight or two during that time. It won't take longer than a couple minutes!

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9. Take your next meeting on foot. If you need to sit down with a co-worker to discuss a project, offer to take the conversation outside. It doesn't have to be a power walking session – a leisurely stroll will suffice. The fact is, you're moving. You'll be a healthy inspiration to the entire office!