7 High-Protein, Low-Carb Dinner Recipes

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Putting a nutritious meal on the table every night can be exhausting. Aside from the actual cooking and cleaning, the thought of finding a healthy recipe that the entire family will enjoy can be daunting. Here are a few delicious high-protein, low-carb meals that are perfect for dinner! There'll be less worry and more smiles around your supper table.

1. Slow Cooker Pepperoni and Chicken: When life gets a little crazy, turn to the slow cooker! It makes dinner a breeze and this recipe will have your home smelling like a tasty Italian kitchen all on its own. This low-carb option packs 52 grams of protein per serving and can be served on its own or over pasta or spaghetti squash for added flavor. Check it out here!

Slow Cooker Pepperoni and Chicken

2. Philly Cheesesteak Stuffed Peppers: This unique dinner will leave you satisfied while carrying only 10 grams of carbs. In each generous serving, you'll eat 18 grams of protein! Watch the video below, then check out the full recipe here.

3. Mexican Ranch Burgers: Make this simple dinner in about 20 minutes and enjoy the rich flavors! Each patty packs 32 grams of protein! Serve it with a whole-wheat bun or sweet potato fries for a tasty meal the family will love! Get the recipe here.

Skinny Mom Mexican Ranch Burgers recipe

4. Slow Cooker Pulled Pork: Sometimes the best things take a little time, and this recipe is one of them! The rub for this pulled pork dinner is packed with flavor and the final product packs 26 grams of protein! Watch the video below, then click here for the recipe.

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5. Feta-Stuffed Chicken: Dress up dinner with this simple chicken recipe that'll impress the family! Each serving carries only 4 grams of carbs, yet 27 grams of protein! Get started here.


6. Skinny Lemon Tilapia: For a no-carb dish, try this skinny tilapia and be amazed! This fish is simple to cook and perfect for those who love fish but are a little wary to make it themselves. Try it by clicking here!

skinny lemon tilapia

7. Southern Hasselback Chicken: Loaded with 28 grams of protein and only 9 carbs, this is the weight loss friendly meal you've been looking for. Plus it's a fun way to switch up a normally boring chicken breast! Click here for the recipe.

Skinny Mom Southwestern Hasselback Chicken