Burn More Calories With This Overlooked Gym Equipment

| Fitness

You walk into a gym and see the usual cardio culprits: treadmillelliptical, stair climber. But then you spot this bike with a big fan in the wheel and wonder… is it worth a ride? Women's Health has the scoop below.

That baby is called an airdyne bike (see superstar Kayla Itsines standing next to one below) and, yep, it’s totally a machine you should hop on. The fan in the front is used to generate wind resistance, which basically makes your workout 100 times harder — and 1,000 times more badass, says Tom Holland, C.S.C.S., an exercise physiologist and chief fitness advisor for Nautilus, Inc. “The fact that you don’t even need electricity for this piece of equipment is awesome,” he says. “You power the bike with your own effort.”

Powering the machine yourself is also a huge motivator to stay strong through a workout, says Holland. If the bike is offering little-to-no resistance, you’re slacking. But if it feels like you’re trying to pedal through quicksand, well, go on and pat yourself on the back because you’re killin it.

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