Burn Belly Fat With These Exercises

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As a woman, your body naturally stores body fat in the tummy, thighs and buttocks. (Yay for us!) Through exercise, however, you can ignite a fat-burning transformation. By isolating the core, you will direct the heat to the abdominal muscles and burn away the belly fat!

1. Ab Roll Up: You totally did this when you were kid without realizing you were strengthening your tummy muscles! Begin by lying back on the floor, arms lifted to the side and legs together. Swing the legs toward your head as you roll back, then use that momentum to roll completely up to standing. Whew! Use your hands to help push you up at first, then try it without the added help. Check it out here.

2. Waist Trimmer: Target the obliques and glutes at the same time with this sweet and simple move. Sit like a mermaid with one leg bent in front and the other to the side. Lift the side leg up like you have a string attached to the knee and someone is pulling straight up. Push into the floor with your opposite hand, gradually releasing that pressure as you get stronger. Get details here.


3. Alternating Toe Touches: This will work your six-pack abs and the hip flexors, which are a stubborn muscle for many women. Lie on your back and send one leg up over the hip while the other leg stays extended on the floor. Not flexible enough for this one? No problem. Bend the knees. Crunch the upper body up and try to tap your toe with the opposite hand. Release and switch. See more of it here.

alternating toe touches brooke griffin skinnymom workout


4. Side Plank Super Crunch: On the list of ultimate core exercises, the super crunch recruits muscles from the front abdominal wall, the sides (obliques), the buns and the lats. You can do this with efficiency on your knee as well, just drop the bottom knee and bend it while the top leg remains extended. Lift that top leg and top arm and crunch them together. Exhale on the crunch, inhale on the extension. Get long and lean! Learn to love it here.

side plank super crunch

5. Russian Twist: Sit back and relax. Just kidding. You'll lean back with arms in front of you, legs bent and close together. The farther you lean, the more intense it gets. You can slide a ball or pillow behind the lower back for support. Twist the chest side to side. You can turn your head with the twist or remain looking straight ahead so you don't get dizzy! Perfect it here.


6. Plank Tucks with TRX: The TRX is an incredible piece of equipment. With your feet tucked into the straps, you can focus less on what the legs are doing and more on how much your abs are burning! Exhale as you pull them in and take a breath as you extend. See how it's done here.


7. Gliding Pike: No gliders? No problem! Use towels on hardwood or paper plates on carpet. Place the balls of your feet on the center of the gliders and get into your high plank. Your shoulders should be over the wrists. Pull the belly button up and into the spine, lift the hips up and look at your legs as they glide in. Get them as close as you can, then slide them out again. Get the details here.

8. Straight Leg Reverse Crunch: You've seen easier version of the reverse crunch — if not click here — but this one requires way less range of motion and a heck of a lot more control. With your legs straight over the hips, flex or point the feet and try to lift the tailbone off the floor at least an inch. The feet go straight up instead of up and over toward your face.It's a true ab burner! See it here.