51 Shredded Chicken Recipes

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We love shredded chicken recipes here at Skinny Mom, and we know you do too! We also know you're busy (you're a mom, after all!) so we went ahead and compiled fifty dinner recipes that use shredded chicken to make your meal planning a little easier.

1. Skinny Slow Cooker Shredded Chicken: It's healthy, delicious and won't take you more than fifteen minutes to prepare. Plus, it's the staple ingredient in many a healthy recipe. Even better, you can make it in a slow cooker! What more could a busy mom ask for? Get this yummy recipe here.

shredded chicken

2. Skinny Chicken Salad: It's so hard to find a chicken salad recipe that isn't piled sky-high with calories, so we decided to make one that's healthy and delicious just for you. Get our healthy chicken salad recipe here!

Chicken Salad

3. Slow Cooker White Chicken Chili: This is the secret chili recipe that will make you famous amongst your friends and family. Enjoy this recipe here!

Slow Cooker White Chicken Chili

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4. Slow Cooker Chicken Pot Pie: Finally a chicken pot pie recipe that isn't loaded with fat and calories! We've created one that's healthy just for you. Get the recipe here.


5. Skinny BBQ Chicken Flatbread: Wow your friends and family with this killer flatbread recipe. Oh yeah, and it's crazy healthy for you too! Find the recipe here.

Skinny BBQ Chicken Flatbread

6. Roasted Red Pepper Chicken Alfredo Bake: Satisfy your craving for pasta and cheese with this delicious chicken Alfredo bake. (Your family won't even realize how healthy it is!) Here's the recipe.

Roasted Red Pepper Chicken Alfredo Bake ingredients

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7. Skinny Chicken Veggie Casserole: Do you have picky eaters in your home? You won't after you put this on the table! Click here to see the recipe.

Recipe: Skinny Chicken and Veggie Casserole

8. Slow Cooker Buffalo Sliders. This one's for all those buffalo chicken lovers, and we know you're out there! You'll look forward to eating these leftovers. Check out the recipe here!

Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Sliders

9. Spicy Buffalo Chicken Wraps: If you like spicy, you'll like this. (Oh yeah, and two wraps are only 335 calories!) Here's the recipe!

Buffalo Chicken Pinwheels

10. Skinny Sour Cream Enchiladas: This recipe has been tweaked to perfection, and we know you'll love it. Enjoy these creamy enchiladas and watch as your family asks for seconds. Here's the recipe!

Sour Cream Enchiladas

11. Easy Chicken and Rice Casserole: This one is a favorite at Skinny Mom. It satisfies all your cravings while saving you calories. (A match made in heaven!) Find the recipe here.

Easy Rice, Chicken, and Broccoli Casserole

12. Chicken and Broccoli Quinoa Bake: The creamy sauce and crunchy panko crumbs will help your kids (and hubby) get used to quinoa, while you’ll love the nutrition facts! Find the recipe right here.


13. Skinny Taco Chicken Chili: This recipe is super easy to make in a slow cooker and provides plenty of leftovers to feed your family the next day. Oh, and it tastes delicious. Find the recipe here!


14. Skinny Slow Cooker Creamy Chicken: This recipe will satisfy all your cravings with its gooey, creamy, cheesy goodness! Here's how to make it!

skinny slow cooker creamy chicken

15. Clean Eating Chipotle Chicken Bowl: Save money AND calories by skipping the line at Chipotle and making this delicious meal at home instead. Instructions are here!


16. Chicken Enchilada Casserole: This new and improved recipe includes fresh tomatoes and cilantro — no canned products here! Try this fresh new recipe here.

Chicken Enchilada Casserole

17. Chicken Fajita Quesadilla: Quesadillas may be a kid favorite, but this quesadilla recipe is perfect for when Mom simply cannot eat anymore plain chicken and cheese combos. Here's the recipe!

chicken fajita

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18. Lightened Up King Ranch Casserole: This one will be an instant hit with your family! You can make it with chicken breasts or shredded chicken. Either way it will taste delicious! Here's the recipe.

Lightened Up King Ranch Casserole

19. Healthy Buffalo Chicken Bites: Buffalo chicken is ALWAYS a good idea, but especially now that we've perfected this super-healthy recipe! Share these at your next BBQ, party or dinner. Here's the recipe!

buffalo chicken bites

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20. BBQ Chicken Sandwiches with Jalapeño Avocado Spread: If you weren't the most popular cook before, you will be after these amazing BBQ chicken sandwiches! Here's the recipe!

bbq chicken sandwich

21. Slow Cooker Pineapple Salsa Chicken: We know you won't believe us, but it tastes even better than it looks! Find out how to make it here!


22. Green Chili Chicken Lasagna: Move over red sauce! This is a Southwest take on a classic dish we all know and love: lasagna! Here's the recipe!

Skinny Mom Green Chili Chicken Lasagna recipe

23. Asian Chicken Lettuce Wrap: We love the mandarin oranges, shredded chicken and the lettuce wrap as an alternative to wheat. Check out the recipe here!

Asian Chicken Salad Lettuce Wrap

24. Slow Cooker Pepperoni and Chicken: This unconventional chicken dish is sure to get the "yums" at dinner tonight! Check out the full recipe here.


25. Loaded Chicken, Cheese, And Veggie Calzone: Kill your cravings with this satisfying twist on the classic calzone. Your taste buds will thank you! Click here to find out how to make it.

Skinny Mom Loaded Chicken Cheese and Veggie Calzone

26. BBQ Chicken Salad: We love this salad at Skinny Mom. Not only is it healthy, but the flavors are so rich and tasty you'll forget you're even eating a salad! Get the recipe right here.

BBQ chicken salad

27. Greek Quesadilla: We're in love with this new twist on the classic quesadilla, and we know you will be too. It's so, so yummy. Check out the recipe here!

greek quesadilla

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28. Slow Cooker Chicken Fajitas: Fajitas in slow cooker form? Yes, please! Let the slow cooker do all the work for you with this healthy, mouthwatering, Mexican-inspired dinner. Click here for the recipe.slow cooker chicken fajitas

29. Skinny Chicken Enchilada Flatbread: This recipe is perfect for the mom on the go. Find this delicious and time-saving recipe here!

skinny chicken enchilada flatbread

30. Skinny Chicken Tostadas: This dinner is flexible, versatile, filling and most importantly, will take the fear out of eating leftovers! Get the recipe here.

Chicken Tostadas

31. Skinny Chicken Tamale Pie: Without a doubt this is one of our favorite Mexican meals, and it doesn't take ages to make! Here's the recipe!

skinny tamale pie

32. Slow Cooker Beer Chicken: Your hubby will LOVE this recipe — after all, it's a combo of his two favorite things: beer and meat. Here's the recipe!

slow cooker beer chicken

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33. Simple Weeknight Chicken Noodle Soup: This chicken soup is a yummy spin-off of an Italian Wedding Soup, one of our favorites. (via Marin Mama Cooks)


34. Stupid Easy Paleo's Kickin' BBQ Shredded Chicken: Doesn't it look delicious? We sure think so! (via Nom Nom Paleo)


35. Chicken and Goat Cheese Enfrijoladas: Man oh man, our mouths are watering just looking at this relative of the enchilada. (via What's Cooking Mexico?)


36. Fennel and Lentil Chicken Soup: This hearty comfort food is exactly what the doctor ordered! (via In Sonnet's Kitchen)


37. Chicken Cilantro Soup: To all you cilantro lovers out there, this soup is totally for you. (via In Sonnet's Kitchen)


38. Chicken, Kale, & Quinoa: Tuscan Chicken Soup: As if we needed more reasons to love kale and quinoa, this soup came along! (via Nosh and Nourish)


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39. Shredded Chicken Corn Chowder: This chowder is packed with nutrients! From sweet potatoes, to corn, to tomatoes, you'll want to try this chowder ASAP! (via Nosh and Nourish)


40. Chicken Parmesan Swirl Bread: This swirl bread could be on your dinner table tonight! (via Nosh and Nourish)


41. Creamy Crockpot Lemon Chicken Kale Soup. This creamy soup will be a hit with your friends and family with its rich flavor and low calorie count. (via Further Food)


42Baked Chicken Rigatoni with Sweet Corn, Zucchini and a Roasted Poblano Béchamel: How beautiful is this? It might look complicated, but we promise it'll be an easy cook with plenty of satisfied smiles around the kitchen table. (via Spoon Fork Bacon)


43. Buffalo Jack Sliders: Another buffalo chicken recipe your family is sure to love! (via spabettie)


44. Rotisserie Chicken Skillet: This chicken skillet is nutritious and delicious — which is the perfect combination! (via A Family Feast)


45. Easy Mexican Shredded Chicken: Tender chicken that falls apart in your mouth, plus mild enchilada sauce? Can I get an amen? (via What's Gaby Cooking)


46. Ginger Scallion Chicken Wraps: It's filling and healthy. What more could a busy mom ask for? (via What's Gaby Cooking)

Ginger scallion chicken wraps Death by chocolate  Roasted carrots and avocado salad Parmesan pretzel knots with marinara sauce Spinach artichoke and bacon dip Game day snacks board Bacon Brussels and leg pizza Fancy ham and cheese crapes with arugula salad Taco salad Citrus assorted rainbow  Sangria Gaby Dalkin Coca Cola What’s Gaby Cooking Ritz Cracker Crudite Baby Carrots Dessert Flood Dip Superbowl Still Life Pizza Brussels Crackers Party Entertaining Matt Armendariz Peterson Pottery

47. Healthy Shredded Chicken Burrito Bowl: We know you really love burrito bowls. So do we! This healthy twist on the classic burrito bowl is both satisfying and filling. (via The Corner Kitchen)


48. Cannibal Peppers: Stuffed peppers are a universal favorite. They're packed with nutrients (like protein), and it doesn't hurt that they taste amazing. (via Civilized Caveman Cooking)


49. Slow Cooker Poblano and Honey Lime Chicken Tacos: The rich flavors of honey and lime make these tacos one of a kind! (via Cooking for Keeps)


50. Sweet and Spicy Pomegranate and Poblano Chicken Enchiladas: That's right! Pomegranate + enchiladas. Sounds amazing to us! (via Cooking for Keeps)


51. Slow Cooker Chicken, Beans & Rice: This super simple recipe practically cooks itself; all you have to do is add the ingredients, shred some chicken and eat! The tender chicken, whole-grain rice and yummy veggies come together for a comforting, low-calorie, low-fat and protein-packed meal. Get it here.

Slow Cooker Chicken, Beans, and Rice

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