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Tracking down an affordable workout video series was always difficult — until now. We have compiled 50 free workout videos that tone and sculpt every trouble spot, from under arms to inner thighs. Learn from Real Mom Fitness Models and Skinny Mom Founder and CEO Brooke Griffin as they perform each move in real time for you to follow at home. With these videos you won't need a gym membership to lose weight, and many are easy enough for your kids to do with you.

1. Blast Your Muffin Top: Kill that annoying belly fat with this awesome workout. To see the workout, click here!

2. Rock My Core: If you're looking to work your abs, these seven core moves are for you. Click here to see the workout.

3. Ballet Barre At-Home Workout: Get ready to feel the burn with these new spins on traditional ballet moves. Here's the workout!

women at barre class
(Photo: Richmond Barre)

4. Thigh Lovin': You will feel this move all through your legs. For the full workout, click here!

5. Thigh Buster: Your thighs will be tight and strong after this workout. Check it out here.

6. Saddlebag Burner:  This one is perfect for when you get a quiet bit away from the kids. To get all the details, click here.

Saddlebag sizzler

7. Flatten and Firm in Fifteen Minutes: This workout is perfect for when the kids are at school or down for a nap. All the information on this workout is here!

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8. Back Fat Be Gone: This targets one of our trouble areas, and we're so thankful. Click here to get rid of back fat once and for all!

Back and Shoulder Muscles kettlebell

9. 14-Minute Booty Lift: Get your booty looking round and tight. We've compiled the written instructions here. (You can thank us later!)

10. Blast Arm Jiggle:  This is another one of our problem areas... but no more! After this workout, we'll be well on our way to toned triceps. For more info on this workout, click here!

11. Ab Workout. No equipment needed here! Go gym-free with this awesome workout tutorial. We love that we can get a killer workout in our living room. For more instructions, just click here!

woman wearing sports bra with six pack abs

12. Buh-Bye Bra Fat: Wave goodbye to one of your insecurities — the bra bulge — as you commit to this workout. Written instructions are just a click away!

13. Little Black Dress Routine: Need to look fabulous in a dress, but you've still got some work to do? These moves are for you. Grab more workout advice here.

14. Exercises for Beginners: This compilation is perfect for the amateur. Commit to this workout and watch the pounds fall off. Get the skinny on this workout here!

glute bridge

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15. Booty Infero: This workout is for the booty. Get ready to look amazing in those jeans next weekend. Make sure you get more info on this workout here first!

16. Hard Core: Stop neglecting ab day and work your core with this belly-hardening workout. Get the scoop on the finer details of the moves here!

17. Love Your Arms: Tone your upper limbs, and eliminate the jiggle and wiggle. To see the workout, click here!

strong arms

18. Rockin' to the Core: Dedication to these five ab-sculpting moves are guaranteed to chisel your midsection! Not sure how to do them? We have instructions here.

19. 7-Minute Total Cardio Workout: Our Real Mom Fitness Model Melissa joins us for this great seven-minute cardio warmup! Make sure you're doing the moves right by looking at our directions here.

20. Killer Leg Circuit: Here are five moves to shape your legs! Click here for the workout directions.


21. Sun Salutation A: Our Real Mom Fitness Model Jean sure knows her yoga! For more information on these yoga moves, click here!

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22. Sun Salutation B: Real Mom Fitness Model Jean continues her yoga lesson. Commit to proper form, and check out our instructions here!

23. There's More Than One Way To Do A Squat: This workout demonstrates six variations of squats you need to get a killer butt. Make sure you're doing your squats correctly! Not sure if you are? Here's the full workout.


24. Get Sexy Legs At Home: This leg workout requires no equipment and can be done right at home. (Yes!) For more info, click here.

25. Build a Better Booty: This is a great exercise to shape your bottom! Click here for instructions.

26. Yoga for Athletes: If you work out 3-5 days a week, participate in any sport, or you like to run, you are an athlete and this workout is for you! Get the workout here.


27. 30/20/10 Arm Bootcamp Workout: Get ready to sweat and tone your arms with this upper body workout. We've collected the instructions here!

28. All About That Bass: These booty exercises are powerful and will make you sweat! For maximum results, click here.

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29. Show Off Your Shoulders: Have shoulders you're proud to display in that party dress. Get ready for tank top season by clicking here!


30. The Ultimate Playground Workout: Real Mom Fitness Model shows us how to turn common playground equipment into workout equipment. Here are the details!

31. High Energy Step Workout: This energetic (and fun!) workout is perfect for all moms. Get your kids to do it with you! For more info, click here.

32. Cardio Hip Hop Beginner Workout: If you don't have two left feet, this beginner's hip hop video is for you. We've gathered all the details here!

woman dance fitness class

33. Inner Thigh Fat Blasting Circuit: Wave goodbye to inner thigh fat with this workout. You'll want to check out the details!

34. Sexy Arm Workouts for Beginners: These moves are perfect for the beginner. They're simple, and only require dumbbells! You can even do them at home or on vacation. Get all the info here!

35. Lower Belly Pooch Meltdown: Do these moves in your living room, or before you take a shower in the morning. This workout targets a common trouble area. For more info on loosing belly weight, click here!

slim athletic woman with measuring tape around waist

Click “next” below to see more video workouts! 36. Waist Whittler: This workout zeros in on our middle regions, and man do we feel the burn! All the details for this workout are here.

37. Cya Cellulite: These moves are for any woman struggling with or looking to avoid cellulite. Combat it now with this workout — details here!

38. Lift the Girls: Feel like your girls need a lift? Fight the sag with these seven moves. Click here for the workout.

chest running

39. Rock Those Skinnies, Girl: For some, skinny pants can be a little intimidating. Drop the insecurity as well as the pounds with these moves! To be even more confident in your skinnies, click here.

40. Beastmode: These animal inspired workouts are great for burning calories. (Your kids will love these moves too!) For more information, click here.

41. Tummy Tightener After C-Section: This workout is for the new mom. Get your pre-baby belly back with these simple moves. More information can be found here.

tight tummy

42. Exercises to Combat Knee Pain: Do your bad knees keep you from working out and losing weight? Take a look at our exercise suggestions. Strengthen the muscles with the info found here!

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43. Crop Top Belly Workout: Since crop tops are in style, we need to get our bellies looking fit! You can find our tips here.

44. Lazy Girl Workout: These moves are for all of us. Exhausted from working, kids, cooking, cleaning and everything else you do as a mom? This workout is perfect for you to kill a couple calories without making a big trip to the gym. Find the workout here!


45. Butt Sculpting Workout: These six moves will kick your glutes into overdrive. For more information, click here.

46. Later, Thunder Thighs: Tone your thighs and kill the extra fat with these calorie-burning leg moves. You can find all the details here!

47. Belly Fat Sizzler: This workout only takes ten minutes, but boy, does it have results. It's short, so it's perfect for when your kids are at school or napping. Burn the belly fat with this workout!


48. Hottie Pilates: This quick workout will stretch your muscles and your limits at the same time. All the information you need is right here.

49. Get Fit With Mom: Encourage your children to live a healthy lifestyle while simultaneously setting an example. This mom and kid workout is perfect for a rainy weekend, snow day, or even an afternoon at the park. For more information, click here.

50. Shoulders, Calves, and Abs: This workout hits three major muscle groups in under 20 minutes. You're going to feel this one, we promise. For maximum results, click here for more information.

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