Nosh on 50 Healthy Lunches That'll Help You Lose Weight

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Tired of your typical lunch rotation of traditional salads and sandwiches? If you're looking for healthy meals to take to work or fix before running errands, check out these filling, delicious recipes. These 50 meals will leave you satisfied and ready to take on your afternoon, whatever it holds.

1. Spicy Buffalo Chicken Wraps: Get double the flavor as you enjoy two spicy wraps for only 335 calories. And if you aren't a fan of spicy foods, you can substitute our Light Bleu Cheese Dressing rather than loading it with buffalo sauce. Try it here.

spicy buffalo chicken wraps

2. Skinny Pizza Wrap: This is definitely not a normal sandwich, but it can satisfy your pizza cravings in a skinny fashion. One wrap is only 255 calories and it will have you singing "That's Amore" all afternoon. Click here to get the recipe.

skinny pizza wrap

3. Ultimate Veggie Sandwich: This sandwich is an amped-up classic that looks as if it came from a fancy diner. It's colorful and flavorful to keep you filled all day, even without the deli cuts. (via Two Peas and Their Pod)

Two Peas veggie sandwich
(Photo: Two Peas and Their Pod)

4. Skinny California Roll Wraps: At only 164 calories per wrap, this new take on a California roll will quickly become a new lunchtime favorite. The brown rice, avocado and tomatoes make this an easy, healthy choice. Click here to get the recipe.

skinny california roll wraps

5. Healthy Veggie Wrap: For a lunch with a Mediterranean flare, try this Healthy Veggie Wrap. It includes hummus and avocado, two "trendy" and healthy foods, to add bursts of flavor to your traditional veggies. (via The Skinny Fork)

skinny fork veggie wrap
(Photo: The Skinny Fork)

6. Greek Quesadilla: The quesadilla lends itself well to many ethnic variations of the Mexican classic. This skinny recipe is quick and satisfying, because honestly, what can’t you put inside a quesadilla? Using vibrant ingredients and a Greek yogurt dressing, this quesadilla is melt-in-your-mouth good, and only 348 calories per serving. Check it out here!

greek quesadilla

7. Turkey Wrap with Apples and Brie: For a light yet filling option, try this turkey wrap. It can be made easily in a panini press, skillet or oven! Check it out here.

turkey wrap with apples and brie

8. Caprese Grilled Cheese Sandwiches: For a caprese explosion in your mouth, try this healthy grilled cheese, tomato and basil option. Check it out here!

Skinny Caprese Grilled Cheese Sandwich

9. Peach and Ham Grilled Cheese Sandwich: For a fun, unique and skinny summer treat, try this quirky peach and ham grilled cheese! If the flavor combo sounds a little strange to you now, we promise that it won’t once you’ve bitten into the ooey gooey deliciousness. Click here for the recipe!

Peach and Ham Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

10. Guaca-Mango Bagel: Bagels are great for any time of day. At lunch, try adding some tasty guacamole and sweet mango for a unique midday meal experience. (via Happy Healthy Life)

healthy happy life guaca-mango bagel
(Photo: Healthy Happy Life)

11. Avocado, Mozzarella and Jalapeno Chimichurri Grilled Cheese: This is not the grilled cheese your mom used to make! With jalapeños, green onion, cilantro and lime, your tastebuds will thank you for this flavorful sandwich. (via Naturally Ella)

naturally ella avocado grilled cheese
(Photo: Naturally Ella)

12. Skinny PB & Banana Protein Wrap: Some days you crave your old-fashioned PB and banana sandwich. But when you live an on-the-go lifestyle, dressing it up in a wrap will be the perfect solution. Try this swap here.

pb banana wrap

13. Garlicky Bacon and Spinach Grilled Cheese: If you're craving some salty bacon, look no further than this delicious sandwich. It's only 293 calories and you'll be the envy of all your lunch pals. (via My Fitness Pal)

myfitnesspal garlicky bacon grilled cheese
(Photo: My Fitness Pal)

14. Asian Turkey Lettuce Wraps: If you’re a fan of PF Chang’s, you’ll LOVE this healthy Asian Lettuce Wrap recipe. The lettuce serves as the perfect crunchy wrap to eat the savory filling, and still leave you feeling full without being weighed down. Here's the recipe.

Asian Turkey Lettuce Wraps

15. Light and Easy BLT Wrap: Who doesn’t love a warm, crunchy BLT? Our waistlines, that’s who. The calorie, sodium and fat counts that bacon packs is unreal — but if you find the right cut and bake it rather than fry it, you’ll have less to worry about in the nutrition department. Click here for more info!

BLT Wrap

16. Skinny Chicken Salad: Toss it on a croissant, crackers or lettuce to indulge in a skinny version of a lunch classic. You can prepare it in under 30 minutes and have leftovers for dinner (and more)! Click here for the nutrition.

skinny chicken salad

17. Greek Tortellini Salad: If you're looking for a break from lettuce-based salads, try this Greek Tortellini Salad for bursts of flavor in a light, healthy way. Packed with pasta, feta and veggies, a serving is only 198 calories that you'll be sure to enjoy. Check it out here!

Greek Tortellini Salad

18. Asian Chicken Salad Lettuce Wrap: Lettuce wraps are a huge trend in the foodie world right now, and who can be mad at it? The crunchy lettuce gives your wrap the perfect texture — plus it saves you a ton of calories. Click here for the recipe.

Asian Chicken Salad Lettuce Wrap

19. Skinny Cobb Salad: Chicken, eggs and bacon add so much flavor to this salad, you'll forget it's helping you lose weight. At only 343 calories per two-cup serving, it will leave you, and your tastebuds, satisfied. Try it here.

skinny cobb salad

20. Shrimp Caesar Salad: You don't have to choose between salad or seafood for lunch because you can have both with this Shrimp Caesar Salad. It's refreshing and includes a homemade caesar dressing you'll crave. For directions, click here.

Shrimp Caesar Salad

21. Rainbow Salad: Lay out all the ingredients and let the family serve themselves – even the kids! Want it to be a vegetarian meal? Leave off the ham and add other veggies like bell peppers, onions, chickpeas or even sunflower seeds. To make it, click here.

Rainbow Salad

22. BLT Salad + Avocado: As you try to eat healthy, you may be missing your old friend, the BLT sandwich. This salad can calm those cravings in a low-calorie fashion! Try it here.

BLT Salad with Avocado
(Photo: Skinnytaste)

23. Carb-Cutting Avocado Zoodles: The zucchini noodles cut down on carbs you would normally find in spaghetti noodles, while the avocados and artichokes full of antioxidants help you burn fat and detox your system. Check it out here!

Carb Cutting Zucchini Noodles

24. Sweet Potato Pomegranate Salad: This gorgeous salad looks almost too good to eat. With sweet potatoes, pomegranate, feta and pepitas, taste this salad and indulge in every healthy bite. Check it out here.


25. Avocado Chicken Salad: While we love our original Skinny Chicken Salad recipe, making the decision to add avocados might be one of our more genius ideas. We use Greek yogurt to slim down the dressing, while the avocados ensure you’re getting your healthy fatsHere's the recipe!

Avocado Chicken Salad

26. Italian Chopped Salad: This Italian Chopped Salad recipe is based on the chopped salad from Portillo’s in Chicago… so all you Chi-Towners, get ready for some fun! For those of you unfamiliar with Portillo’s, this salad is pretty substantial, thanks to the ditalini pasta and bacon. Learn more here!

Skinny Mom Italian Chopped Salad with House Dressing recipe

27. The Ultimate Pizza Quesadilla: This lunch option combines two favorites: pizza and quesadillas! We keep it low-calorie and high-protein so your waistline can reap the benefits as much as your taste buds will. Check it out here.

pizza quesadilla

28. Clean Eating Quinoa Salad: This salad is an office favorite at Skinny Mom HQ. Not only is it delicious, refreshing and filling, but it’s super healthy! Kale is one of the most cleansing foods you can get your hands on, and we use protein-packed quinoa, red and yellow bell peppers, shallots and sunflower seeds to really give you that cleansing kick you need. Here's the recipe.

Cleansing Quinoa Salad

29. Honey Mustard Glazed Salmon: Salmon is one of the best foods to eat when trying to eat healthy. It’s a lean protein (this recipe contains 24 grams of protein and only 5 grams of fat!) and is tasty to boot! Full of essential fatty acids, your waistline will be thanking you after this meal. Here's the quick, easy recipe.

Honey Mustard Glazed Salmon

30. Open-Faced Classic Tuna Melt: This low-calorie, low-fat tuna melt is the perfect lightened up recipe when you’re craving a good old fashioned sandwich. Leaving it open-faced will cut out carbs and using Greek yogurt will ensure that the fat count stays as low as possible. Check out the recipe here.

Open Faced Classic Tuna Melt

31. Mediterranean Flatbread: Made in only 20 minutes, this flatbread is made with natural ingredients. It's a fresh lunch option without sacrificing flavor. (via Naturally Ella)

Naturally Ella Mediterranean flatbread
(Photo: Naturally Ella)

32. Roasted Veggie and Ricotta Pizza: The kids may be wary of all the veggies at first, but the ricotta and mozzarella cheese will ease their minds. Once they take a bite of this healthy creation, they’ll forget all about the vegetables. Check it out here.

skinny roasted veggie and ricotta pizza

33. Asparagus, Goat Cheese and Pistachio Flatbread: When pizza meets veggies, you get surprisingly delicious flavor. Try this recipe for an exciting, healthy lunch option. (via Two Peas and Their Pod)

two peas and their pod flatbread
(Photo: Two Peas and Their Pod)

34. Five-Ingredient Spinach Parmesan Pasta: When you need to cook a simple meal, try this pasta dish. Made with only five ingredients, it's great for the days when you need a hot meal on the go. Start making it here.

Spinach Parmesan Pasta

35. Skinny Florentine Flatbread: For this recipe, one serving is the entire flatbread, and it's only 311 calories! It can be cooked in about 20 minutes, making it the perfect option for a quick-paced day. Find the ingredients here.

skinny florentine flatbread

36. Cheesy Spaghetti Squash: A part of Family Fresh Cooking's Project Lunchbox, this spaghetti squash is the ideal office lunch. She recommends packing sides of whole grain Goldfish crackers and baby carrots or tomatoes for a delicious, nutritious meal. (via Family Fresh Cooking)

family fresh cooking spaghetti squash
(Photo: Family Fresh Cooking)

37. Raw Lasagna: This is a creative, deconstructed vegan dish. It features cashew cheese and broccoli sun-dried tomato pesto, and it will have all your friends begging for the recipe! (via This Rawsome Vegan Life)

rawsome vegan life raw lasagna
(Photo: This Rawsome Vegan Life)

38. Light and Healthy Vegetarian Lo Mein: This is a light option for Chinese lo mein noodles. This meal balances low-cal with providing a filling, indulgent meal without feeling like you left a Chinese buffet. (via Can You Stay for Dinner)

stay for dinner lo mein
(Photo: Can You Stay for Dinner)

39. Quinoa and Vegetable Stir-Fry: Adding quinoa into a traditional stir-fry completely changes the texture of the dish. But don't be alarmed, it's just as yummy and brings along many health benefits. Check it out here.

quinoa vegetable stir fry

40. Veggie "Sushi" Rolls: If you love sushi, try this healthy, meatless option that is packed with raw, organic ingredients. It's a fresh and healthy lunch option that you'll love making yourself. (via Nutrition Stripped)

nutrition stripped veggie sushi rolls
(Photo: Nutrition Stripped)

41. Roasted Cauliflower and Broccoli Soup: For days that you need a bowl of warm soup, try this superfood-packed recipe. (via Family Fresh Cooking)

family fresh cooking roasted cauliflower and broccoli soup
(Photo: Family Fresh Cooking)

42. Lightened-Up Broccoli Cheddar Soup: This soup may already be in your lunch food rotation, but try this skinny version to shed the pounds. It's only 210 calories per serving and you'll have enough for dinner, too! To check the ingredients, click here.


43. Vegetable Ravioli Soup: For comfort food in a bowl, you've got to try this vegetable soup with ravioli. It's a hearty meal that is made quickly and can serve eight to 10, so you'll have tasty leftovers to enjoy. (via Cooking ala Mel)

Cooking ala mel vegetable ravioli soup
(Photo: Cooking ala Mel)

44. Italian Pasta Soup: This colorful soup will warm you up on cold days or fill you when you need a hearty meal. It's only 175 calories per serving and you won't have hunger pangs a few hours later. Try it here!


45. Southwestern Turkey Chili: For a spicy soup, try this Southwestern Turkey Chili. You can use last night's leftovers as the meat and create a lean, healthy lunch with other items from your pantry. (via A Food Centric Life)

food centric life turkey chili
(Photo: A Food Centric Life)

46. Skinny Chili Cheese Potatoes: Who knew something this indulgent could be a skinny food? It's only 231 calories per serving but is packed full of flavor to put your meat and potatoes together in just the right way. Make it by clicking here.

skinny chili cheese potatoes

47. Skinny Honey Lemon Chicken: Sweet and sour flavors come together in this skinny dish. It's a modern take on a classic Asian meal that will keep you ready and energized for your afternoon. (via Gimme Some Oven)

gimme some oven honey lemon chicken
(Photo: Gimme Some Oven)

48. Healthy Baked Chicken Nuggets: Forget the fried chicken cravings, these baked alternatives are just as tasty without the added calories and fat. You can even trick your kids into loving them! Start making them now.

healthy baked chicken nuggets

49. Citrus Roasted Strawberry Parfaits: If your sweet tooth is calling, try switching out a warm lunch for a light and fluffy parfait. The fruit and yogurt blend together perfectly for a satisfying meal. Try substituting your favorite fruits or mixing them! (via Family Fresh Cooking)

family fresh cooking citrus roasted strawberry parfait
(Photo: Family Fresh Cooking)

50. Berry Banana Smoothie Bowl: This is a way to have dessert for lunch in a healthy way! (via Two Peas and Their Pod)

Two peas and their pod smoothie bowl
(Photo: Two Peas and Their Pod)