How to Deal with Thigh-Chafing on a Hot Summer Day

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Skinny Mom and Women's Health Magazine both have a love-hate relationship with summer. Yes, we’re thrilled that the warmer temps mean we can show off our legs in cute skirts or running shorts. But, we detest the fact that thigh chafing is a thing—a very irritating thing that we deal with on the daily. Holy friction. Luckily, there are ways to deal.

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(Photo: Women's Health)

1. Powder up: “The best way to protect skin chafing, which can be triggered in hot weather due to sweating, is to use a topical moisture-absorbing powder on a daily basis,” says New York City dermatologist Rachel Nazarian, M.D. “These days, you can even find powder sprays, which are easier to apply and leave no residue.” She’s a fan of Gold Bond No Mess Powder Spray ($6, Another great option is Lush Silky Underwear Dusting Powder ($9,, a loose powder with a pretty jasmine scent.

gold bond

2. Add some slide: Prefer the convenience of a gel stick down there? A swipe of good old Bodyglide ($15, — a runner essential — will repel sweat to leave your skin dry. Deodorant works in a pinch, too. “The goal is to minimize sweating, which antiperspirants will do,” says Nazarian. “Ideally, you'd apply the antiperspirant nightly to areas that typically have irritation and allow it to build up.” (PSA: It’s a good idea to use a separate deodorant stick for your arms and thighs so you don’t spread bacteria from one area of the body to another.)

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3. Get shorty: If you’re wearing a dress or skirt and don’t mind the extra layer, lightweight fitted shorts are a chafing hero. Check out Jockey Skimmies Slipshort ($20,, which won’t ride up, roll down, or leave you with pantylines. They also come in a bunch of colors, so pick a fun one if you’re prone to Marilyn Monroe moments.

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