Make Workout Hair Hot With These 11 Styles

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Flyaways, fall-downs, knots and tangles are all part of the life of a long-haired gym goer. But do we really have to sacrifice style for practicality when taking care of our hair at the gym? Messy buns or ponytails might get the job done, but if you're looking to step up your hairstyle game for the gym, check out these 11 cute workout hairstyles for inspiration.

1. Two-in-One Braid: This simple style is perfect for yoga or low-impact workouts. To create this look, divide your hair into three sections, the middle being the largest section. Tie off the middle section near your neck. Make two braids out of the remaining section; use a small plastic hair tie to secure one braid before starting the other. Stop about halfway down for each. Carefully combine both braids into one braid.


2. Hot Crossed Buns: Ideal for barre classes, this hairstyle will keep you cool while you sweat and prevent flyaways. To get this look, divide your hair into three sections, the middle being the largest section. Make a ponytail out of the middle section near your neck. Using a bun shaper or sock, make a bun. Braid each remaining section; use a small plastic hair tie to secure one braid before starting the other. Wrap each braid around the base of the bun and secure with bobby pins. hot crossed buns

11. French Braid with Inside Out Pony: If bootcamps, Crossfit, boxing or high intensity cardio are your workout of choice, this hairstyle is a fun way to wear your hair! To create this look, tease the hair near your crown. Start near the temples and make two French braids on each side of your head. Braid down and in the direction of the middle. Tie off each braid with small plastic hair ties. Smooth the hair down in the middle section. Collect all of the hair, including each braid and make a pony. With two fingers, make a hole between your scalp and the hair tie. Loop the pony tail through the hole. Remove the plastic hair ties.

french braid with inside out pony

3. Tucked Braid: For a beautiful braid that is not a bother during your yoga flow, try this loose, natural style. This look can be created easily by braiding your hair, beginning at about the middle of your head and ending at your ends. Tuck the bottom of the braid underneath the base of it and secure with bobby pins or a flat clip. (via Lululemon)

yoga braid
(Photo: Instagram User lululemon)

4. Slicked Back Pony: Before you loosen your ponytail at the crown of your head, consider keeping it slicked back. You're going to sweat at the gym anyway, so why not make it look intentional? This sleek look is trendy right now, but if you need some added volume, consider curling your hair to create The Beauty Department's "post-workout pony."

slicked back pony
(Photo: The Beauty Department)

5. Side Braid: Because this hairstyle isn't pouffed or teased, it actually looks pretty, natural and clean while you're sweating at yoga or barre class. It also transitions from studio to street easily, making it ideal for the days you plan to head to the grocery after your gym session. To create this look, start a braid above one ear and make it go diagonally across the head to below the other ear. Tie it off with a small plastic hair tie, then make a braid with all your hair (including the small braid).

Bridgette_Hair-RESIZED1 (1)

6. "The Run Braid": This look by Lululemon is sleek and gorgeous. Outdoor runners know that, while a slicked ponytail keeps your bangs out of your face, the hair in the ponytail can quickly become a tangled, knotted disaster. This pretty braid keeps your hair held tight while you're on your daily training session. Click here to get the tutorial for this style.

small braids
(Photo: Lululemon)

7. Dutch Braid Bun: A Dutch braid is a funky, inside-out braid that looks neat and sharp, and adding a bun to the bottom creates a beautiful, strong yet feminine style. To get this hairstyle by Jess On Pointe, begin a single Dutch braid straight back and secure with a clip or hair tie. Make a ponytail out of the middle section near your neck, including the remainder of your hair from the braid. Using a bun shaper or sock, make a bun.

dutch braid
(Photo: Instagram User jessonpointe)

8. Headband Tuck: This low-maintenance style is practical for any toning or low-impact workout and all you need is a thick cloth headband! Even new mommy Carrie Underwood loves to rock this simple style. To recreate this look, check out the tutorial by Treasures and Travels!

workout hair
(Photo: Instagram User carrieunderwood)

9. French Braid Twist: Have the best 'do in your barre or spinning class by twisting up this pretty style. To start, begin a French braid above one ear and make it go diagonally across the head below the other ear. End it with a classic braid and tie it off with a small plastic hair tie. Section off the remaining hair and curl each section with a 1 inch or larger curling iron. Gently group the curled sections together and twist into a swirl. Secure to head with bobby pins. Wrap the braid around the swirl and secure with bobby pins.


10. Braided Top Knot: This is a stay-in-place style that can work for any workout from ballet to boxing. It's a simple, put-together look that will actually hold longer than the messy bun you usually throw it in. Check out this tutorial by Divine Caroline to braid up your bun before hitting the gym!

braided top knot hair
(Photo: Ma Nouvelle Mode)