53 Booty-Sculpting Exercises

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Not all of us are lucky enough to be born with a bubble butt, and that's the hard truth. We have to work for it. We put in grueling hours at the gym, squatting, lunging and doing donkey kicks. If you're the woman doing squats on the mat in the corner, this article is for you. Some of us have to earn our butts, and here are 53 killer ways how.

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Anyone in the market for great buttocks knows that the squat is your bread and butter. What you didn't know was how many variations of the squat there are. You'll read about eight effective modifications right here! The more you know, right?

1. Goblet Squats: This wide-set squat with added weight is sure to give you the tight tush you've been cheated of since birth. Get back what is rightfully yours by spending some quality time with this workout. Want to read more about it? Check it out in our fitness index.

Goblet Squat

2. Squat Jump: You'll have more booty than a pirate after you log some time with this workout. The squat jump targets your quads and glutes in a seriously big way. If you don't feel the burn tomorrow, you didn't give it your all! Check it out in our fitness index here.

jump squats

3. Squat and Tricep Extension: Get cheeky with this move that works not just your bottom, but also your triceps. (Double whammy!) Dying to read more? Click here.


4. Partial Squats: Want to have a kick-butt booty but for whatever reason can't perform a full squat? We have you covered. The partial squat is perfect for someone without the full range of motion, because it still works your glutes and quads without going the extra distance. Read more here!


5. Deep Squat Stand: Deep squat... sounds ominous, right? Not really! This move is extremely efficient for working those glutes, which is exactly what you want! Read more about this move here.


6. Squat With Twist: Want a killer workout that targets your glutes and your core at the same time? This workout does just that, making this squat the cream of the crop. Want more info on this workout? Click right here!


7. One Leg Squat: This is the creme de la creme of squats. It might look difficult, but we promise you'll get the hang of it after some practice. Not only does it target the glutes, but you'll feel a major burn in your legs. That's a workout success! Read more about it here.

one leg squat

8. Bow And Squat: Anyone can quickly master this satisfying but challenging squat. You should definitely feel a stretch in your hamstrings too! Check it out here.

bow and squat


This series of exercises might be new for the rookies out there, so get ready to have your minds blown. Bridges not only work your backside, but your abdominal muscles too — a combination that targets your posture and increased flexibility in your back. It's a deadly combination, because you're going to kill it in those jeans once you're finished.

9. Basic Glute Bridge: This is the flagship move, and a great basic exercise to master before you move onto the other bridge workouts. If you're feeling brave, add a light free weight and hold it at your waist as you perform each rep. This added challenge will have your abs and butt burning! To read the instructions in our fitness index, click here!

Glute Bridge with Dumbbell

10. Glute Bridge March: You've graduated from the basic bridge, and now you're wondering what you've gotten yourself into. You're in booty sculpting heaven, baby! The glute bridge march is a fast way to get your heart pumping and your butt and core muscles burning. Need detailed instructions? Click here!


11. Fly With Bridge: Work your chest as well as your tailbone with this weighted version of a basic bridge. Increase or decrease weight as needed. Make sure to push yourself, but if you start to feel harsh strain in your muscles, it's time to try a lighter weight. Get instructions here!

Fly with Bridge

12. Glute Bridge With Leg Lift: Keep your lifted leg straight and your hips off the ground for this booty-busting move! Check it out in our fitness index.

glute bridge with leg lift

13. Butterfly Bridge: Don't be intimidated — anyone can do this move! Just press the soles of your feet together and let your knees fall out to the side. Need more direction? Click here!

14. Glute Bridge Rollover: The last bridge move is not for the faint of heart, and we understand if you have to work your way up to this move through practice! Check it out here!

glute-bridge roll over


You might not have done bridges before, but if you've travelled on the road to a better booty for long, you've definitely done a donkey kick. Lucky for you, we have more variations of this classic move that will kick your butt muscles and hamstrings into overdrive!

15. The Donkey Kick: This classic move should be mastered before you move onto our modified versions. Don't worry — it's super easy! Challenge yourself and add a light free weight in the crook of your knee. Follow our directions here.


16. Calf Raise With Donkey Kick: All you need is a chair and a lot of motivation! Keep your back straight as you kick your leg up behind you as far as it will go. (Aim for the ceiling!) Check it out here.


17. Donkey Kick Planks: While this isn't an exclusive booty workout, it will still target your glutes while simultaneously giving your entire body a major workout. Sign us up! Check out the details right here.

Donkey Kick Plank


You wanted booty workouts? Lunges are a great resource for you, so get ready to feel the burn. Lunges work the quads while simultaneously targeting the glutes. You might be a little sore tomorrow after the following exercises:

18. The Lunge: Before embarking on your lunge journey, master the basic form first. You'll probably feel most of the strain in your legs, but don't worry! Your butt is getting a workout, too. You can easily add free weights to make this workout more challenging. Check it out here.


19. Lunge to Single Leg Deadlift: (Deadlift? No, thanks!) Don't worry, we promise it's not as bad as it sounds! Using light hand weights, lunge and then tip forward with the weights aimed at the ground, your back leg going up so it's parallel with your body. This works your glutes as well as your hamstrings. Click here to see it in our fitness index!

lunge to single leg deadlift

20. Side Lunge With Lateral Lift: Be ready to get some impressed looks from passersby at the gym, because you'll look like a pro as you perform this killer move. Even better than respect from strangers at the gym? The fact that this move works your glutes, hamstrings, quads and hip flexors. Boom. Click here to check it out!


21. Kettlebell Lunge Press: You're going to feel this one tomorrow, but don't let that stop you from a full-out workout today! The kettlebell works your shoulders, while the lunge effectively targets your glutes and quads. Your butt will look great in no time. Check out this move here.

KB lunge press

22. Jumping Lunges: This workout is a little wild, so make sure you have room to perform it. This booty buster also targets your quads. Check it out here!

23. Reverse Lunge and Press: We love moves that target more than one muscle group. In this case, it works your glutes, quads and shoulders. Make sure to choose free weights that are appropriate to your skill level. Check it out in our fitness index.


24. Runners Lunge Dips: Do you smell something burning? That's just you burning major calories and building muscle with this killer move that targets your glutes and quads. Read more about it!


25. Front Lunge With Kick: Just when you thought we'd exhausted our inventory of lunge exercises, we brought you this. The front lunge kick is the best of the best when it comes to specialized lunge workouts. The kick at the end is the cherry on top of a fabulous booty workout. Read more about it here!

Lunge with Kick


We know you don't like planks, but sometimes a girl has to make sacrifices for the perfect derriere. We promise you'll grow to love our variations of the classic plank.

26. Booty Lift Plank: This move does exactly what it sets out to do — it lifts the booty! Follow along with our video below, or read detailed instructions here.

27. Single Leg Plank: Though it looks a little different than the average plank, it's still as powerful. Check out our tips and tricks here!

single leg plank all


The last time you heard the word plié was in ballet class 20 years ago. They were fun to perform then, and just as fun (and beneficial) to perform now. You weren't too concerned with the size of your tail feather then, but you certainly are now. The plié is a wonderful workout tool to keep in your toolbox. Get ready to burn! (Gracefully, like a ballerina, of course.)

28.Plié Tip Toe Squat: The squat rears its ugly head once again! Don't worry though, this time it has a cool new twist — the plié. Check it out in our fitness index here.


29. Plié Squat into Side Kick: Channel your inner warrior woman with this kick-butt move. Fall into a deep plié squat, then rise back up and kick your leg out as high as you can. The best way we can describe this is to imagine you're in a martial arts movie. Now get kicking! Read more about it here, if needed!



Just because the following workouts are labeled miscellaneous doesn't mean they're not kick-butt and totally effective. In actuality, you'll want to vary your exercises and try moves from more than one of these categories to get prime results. Next time you're working out, throw a couple of these booty building moves into the mix. We promise those glutes will be sore the next day!

30. Glute Rainbow: The name of this workout is just too pretty not to perform regularly. Not only does it target your haunches, but also works your inner and outer thighs. Is this a combination made in booty heaven? We think so! Read the directions for this move here!


31. Step-Up: You can do this if you have a staircase in your home, or even just a sturdy box or crate. Add hand weights if you need the extra challenge! Check it out here. 

32. The Kickback Pulse: You will want a resistance band for this exercise, but don't worry! They're not too expensive and can be found in most stores where workout equipment is sold. This move is a glutes-only workout, which means you'll feel the burn almost instantly. Need instructions? Click here!

33. Standing Fire Hydrant With Medicine Ball: This move is great for your glutes, lower lumbar and quads. Need help doing this move? Click right here.

standing fire hydrant

34. Fire Hydrant: This move is one of our favorites because all you have to do is lift your leg. Seriously, that's it. If you need a challenge and the fire hydrant isn't pushing you hard enough towards your bootylicious goals, add an ankle weight. Read more about it in our fitness index!

Fire Hydrant

35. Wall Sit: This move is the perfect total-body workout to help you in your journey towards a Kardashian-level bottom. Read more about it here!

brooke griffin doing a wall sit

36. Frog Jump: Not only do we love the name of this workout, but we love how energetic it is! The frog jump is a total-body workout, and will really get your muscles burning. Check it out!

Frog Jumps

37. Flutter Kicks: We love exercises where we get to lay down, but don't be tempted to doze off! Flutter kicks are crucial for a full, round butt because they work the hip flexors. Need more info? Click here!

Flutter Kicks

38. Leg Lift Taps: Try as many reps of this workout as possible for a minute. Your glutes will be burning, we promise you that! Read more about it here.


39. Reverse Flutter Kicks: Now that you're comfortable with the regular version of this move, switch it up. This move targets your glutes as well as your hamstrings. If you're not sore, try it again with ankle weights! Read more here.


40. Single Leg Frog Lift: This is one of the most challenging and effective moves for targeting your external hip muscles, which have a major impact on your glutes. Check it out in our comprehensive fitness index!


41. Downward Dog Split Pose: Maybe yoga isn't your forte, but that doesn't mean you should skip this move! It's great for balance and your glute muscles, plus your kids will be too busy staring at you to fuss. Read more about it here.


42. Heel Kicks With Resistance Band: We've already talked about donkey kicks, but have you tried a heel kick yet? Even better, add a resistance band. Oh boy, are you going to sore tomorrow after this glute-intense workout. Click here to read the instructions for this move.

booty kicks with resistance band

43. Running: Yikes, you didn't think this was going to be on the list, did you? A little known fact is that up-hill running can lead to increased usage of the gluteal muscles, thereby increasing your butt size. Is it worth it? Of course! Not only is running amazing cardio, but if you can get that dream booty in the process? Why not?


44. The Sumo Calf Raise: This is an all-out glutes, hamstrings and quads workout that is sure to get your legs shaking. Pair it with some light hand weights and you'll really feel the burn! Check it out here.


45. Sumo Squat With Bicep Curls: The thing about a sumo move is that the legs should be really wide apart, making it a total-body workout. Add some dumbbells and you just got upper body muscle building as well. Read more about it here!


46. Good Morning: Yes, this is the name of a workout! It works the lower lumbar, strengthening not only your back but the top of your butt, which is exactly what you wanted! You can read more about it in our fitness index here.


47. One Leg Hip Thrust: This powerful move works your glutes, hamstrings and even your abdominals. Add ankle weights (or a baby!) for more of a challenge. Click here to read detailed instructions.


48. Cow Pose: This yoga move targets the hip muscles, which ultimately play an important part in the firmness of your butt. You'll definitely want to read more about it here!


49. Pigeon Pose: Another awesome yoga move to add to your workout arsenal. It specifically works on the glutes, hip flexors and openers, easily making it one of the best low-impact butt workouts out there. Click here to read more.


50. Cardio Hip Hop Dance Party: Not only will this workout burn some major calories, but it will work your lower body big time. Watch the video below and read more about it here.

51. Side Plank Clamshells: This exercise targets your obliques and glutes, making it a powerful workout that will quickly take away your booty blues. You'll want to check it out in more detail!


52. Locust: Get flexible with this killer yoga move. You'll look like you're flying, and be working your posterior at the same time! Isn't that what we've always wanted? Read more here.


53. Superman: Your kids will want to join you as you perform this move. The results are great, too, giving you a firm bottom that could only belong to Superwoman. (That's you!) Read more about it right here.


While building a fabulous backside is number one on our priority list, it's important not to forget the other benefits of having strong glute muscles. First off, having healthy glutes and hamstrings decreases your chance at back pain. Another added benefit? Your jeans will look fabulous on you. Need we say more?