13 Popular Freezer-Friendly Recipes Under 400 Calories

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You are Superwoman. You're a working woman or stay at home mom, run countless errands, clean up thousands of toys, stay fit and try to feed your family tasty and nutritious meals. Between your chores and child-rearing, there just aren't enough hours in the day. Luckily, we have whipped up some great dishes the whole family can enjoy. The best part? These meals are completely freezer-friendly. So, the next time you have dance rehearsals and soccer practice with only an hour in between, pull one of these dishes out of the freezer instead of hitting the drive-thru.

1. Skinny Tex Mex Casserole: After throwing in some extra ingredients we had laying around – green peppers, onions and a box of whole wheat pasta – we came up with this delicious Skinny Tex-Mex Casserole. The spicy flavors of the cumin and chili powder pair perfectly with the sweet corn. Get the full recipe by clicking here.

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 9.21.16 AM

2. Skinny Mac and Alfredo: Our families can never get enough mac and cheese, so this makes for the perfect frozen dish. There is something about a big bowl that just warms you up and makes everyone in the house happy! Our skinny version of Mac and Alfredo is a huge winner for families. The cottage cheese and mozzarella blend into a delicious sauce that gives us all the cheesy flavor we're looking for, with less than 300 calories per serving! Click here for the full nutrition information.

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 10.17.50 AM

3. Skinny Cheeseburger Casserole: This recipe will take you back to childhood! While some versions of Cheeseburger Casserole have always come from a box of Hamburger Helper, our version is lighter and so much yummier! The dish is really perfect for the whole family. To learn how to make this recipe, click here.

Skinny Mom Skinny Cheeseburger Casserole recipe

4. Skinny Beef Casserole: We love the combination of sweet that the corn and onions add to the spicy flavors of the red pepper and chili powder. Feel free to add in other vegetables, and you could easily substitute chicken for beef as well. This is a Skinny Mom fan favorite for good reason. Trust us, you'll love it so much that the leftovers might not even make it into the freezer! Click here to be taken to the full recipe.

skinny mom beef casserole

5. Skinny Tuna Casserole: We took Grandma’s classic tuna casserole recipe and made it skinny! This recipe for skinny tuna casserole is a simple, inexpensive and healthy twist on the staple dish. It seriously only takes a few short minutes to put together. Stick it in the freezer and it's perfect for the entire family on your busiest evenings! Even cleanup is super easy. Feel free to add extra veggies like peas or carrots to the casserole as well. Get our recipe here.

skinny tuna casserole

6. Skinny 3-Cheese Penne: This freezer-friendly dinner far exceeded our expectations! Adding cheese to any dinner is great; adding three cheeses is amazing! We've adapted this from a skinny slow cooker recipe and it was divine. To get the Skinny 3-Cheese Penne recipe, click here.

3-cheese penne
7. Spinach-Stuffed Shells with Meat Sauce:
 This recipe has become one of our favorite Italian dinner recipes. Big jumbo pasta shells filled with spinach and creamy ricotta cheese make the base for the recipe. We like to finish this recipe with skinny meat pasta sauce, but you could easily top this recipe with a homemade sauce or a store-bought reduced-sugar spaghetti sauce. Have leftovers? No worries! This dish is great to freeze and eat again later, so click here and get the recipe.

spinach stuffed shells

8. Skinny Hawaiian Pizza Pasta: Sweet and salty team up like only they know how in our Skinny Hawaiian Pizza Pasta! This one is just too fun to pass up! Sweet, mouth-watering pineapple chunks are perfect with smokey, savory cuts of ham. Mix the two with a little tomato sauce and whole wheat pasta, and it tastes just like a Hawaiian Pizza, even after freezing. Get our recipe here.


> For a more traditional pizza-turned-casserole, try our Supreme Pizza Pasta Casserole!

9. Slow Cooker Beer Chicken: Get ready for your hubby’s new favorite dish. This chicken is slow cooked with beer for hours, and when it’s done, the moist and full flavor meat is out of this world good. We love to freeze this chicken for a busy school night served with our skinny slawgreen beans or skinny Chipotle mashed potatoes. Learn to make our beer chicken by clicking here.

skinny mom slow cooker beer chicken on a plate

10. Slow Cooker Chicken Provencal: If you're anything like us, you’re always looking for more time during the day! It’s one of the many reasons we love our slow cookers, and more specifically, this slow cooker chicken provencal recipe. This dinner only takes 10 minutes of prep time, and after 7 hours in the slow cooker, it comes out looking (and tasting) like a dish you took a lot of time with! Click here to make this recipe.

slow cooker chicken provencal

11. Skinny Taco Chicken Chili: This is super easy and makes great leftovers to freeze, too! (It’s a great fix for busy days, cold days, really any day.) The flavors in this are absolutely delicious, and using our Skinny Mom Taco Seasoning mix helps keep the sodium in check! Click here to get this slow cooker recipe.

skinny taco chicken chili

12. Skinny Italian Beef Peppers: This dinner is our answer to the challenge of cooking low-carb, Italian meals and the result couldn’t be more delicious! Peppers, onions, celery and a little surprise (garbanzo beans!) balance out the hearty ground beef in this perfect weeknight meal! This dish keeps well in the freezer, making it a great make-ahead meal, and the leftovers are easy to reheat and still taste fantastic for a small lunch! Click here to get the entire recipe.

skinny mom italian beef and peppers

13. Skinny Baked Burritos: Ready to feel like you’re cheating for less than 300 calories? Us too! (Like every day!) This burrito brings it... low carb, low fat and with tons of delish Mexican flavors. This one is almost too good to be true! Skinny Swaps like ground turkey and reduced-fat cheese and sour cream keep the nutrition calculations in check, while some taco seasonings and sauce make this dinner full-flavored. Get the full recipe here and then check out 50 of our fave Mexican dishes!

skinny baked burritos

>> Finish off your freezer-friendly meal with a freezer-friendly dessert like these Berries and Cream Popsicles!