13 Moves For Terrifically Toned Inner Thighs

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For legs that go on for days, you've got to work the long, lean muscle fibers. These exercises will burn up the fat storage and strengthen all of the muscles that make up and support your inner thighs. Use resistance frequently and take advantage of bodyweight exercises whenever you can! Pull moves from this list for your next workout, and try to do at least one a day for several reps. You'll be proud of your results! There's also a bonus workout at the end of the list if you're ready to go for it. These are great inner thigh exercises.

1. Side Lunge and Press: Add some resistance to your side lunges by holding a dumbbell at chest level. Sit the booty back and down to keep the knee behind the toes, then squeeze the glutes, quads and inner thighs to push yourself out of it. Keep alternating sides. You'll get a little stretch, too! Check it out here.


2. Prisoner Jacks: Ready to bust a sweat? Set the feet underneath the hips, place the hands behind your head and squat down (knees behind toes, of course). Jump the feet in and out. You'll work the glutes, quads and inner thighs here as you power through the jumps. Stay low! You can see more on it here.


11. Frog Lift: You can try this one with or without the squishy ball (or small pillow). Lie on your belly, lifting your head off the floor. Let the knees fall out to the side as you touch the heels together or hold the ball with the heels. This squeeze will activate the inner thighs. As you lift and lower, only a couple inches, you'll need to use your glutes. Try not to push your belly into the floor to get the job done. Get more information on it here.


12. Bridge with Ring: If you don't have a Pilates or fitness ring, get one! These bad boys can totally change your workouts. Add one to your bridge to target those inner thighs. Pushing through your heels, raise up to a streamlined bridge, belly button pulled in so the lower back doesn't have to work. You'll squeeze the ring while you're up there, even pulse on it. Melt the spine back to the mat when you need a rest. Go for three sets of your choice of reps. Check it out here.


13. Gliding Plank Jacks: Get those gliders out! You'll start in a hover or low plank with the balls of your feet in the center of the gliders. Send the legs out about 12 to 18 inches, not too far, and bring them back in. This might take some getting used to, but it's totally worth it! Your inner thigh muscles connect straight into your abdominals. Strengthen that connection and you'll see results quickly! See more here.


Need a little motivation? Check out this thigh-blasting workout below for a real butt kicker!

3. Seated Leg Lift Combo: It might look simple enough, but this move takes some serious control! Sit down with your legs extended in front of you and your back straight. You can rest your hands for balance at your side, but don't rely on them too much! Lift one leg up, pause, then float it out to the side, pause and reverse. Hello, thighs and hip flexors! Get more details here.

seated leg lift

4. Gliding Side Lunge: Grab some sliders, either paper plates if you're on carpet or wash cloths if you're on hardwood. Place one under the leg you'll be extending. Sit back and down into a side lunge sending that leg out, then pulling it back in. You'll feel the tension in the inner thighs on the way in! Watch the video and give it a go, or get the step-by-step here.

5. Leg Lift Tap: This classic long-legs move might also be known as the rainbow. Lie on your side, resting your head on your arm and balancing yourself with the other arm positioning in front. Stack the legs. Lift the top one up first, pause for a moment, then move it in front of you, tapping the floor. Send the leg up again, then reset. Repeat forever. (Just kidding!) Try 20 reps on each side, and learn more about it here.


6. Reclined Inner Thigh Pulse: You'll need a squishy ball or throw pillow from the couch. Place it between the thighs right above your knees. Set the hands behind you, fingers pointing forward as you lean back and lift the legs. Real Mom Model Melissa shows you the modified version in the first pose with feet on the floor. Otherwise, you can extend the legs and pulse on the ball. Still not sure? Look here!


7. Curtsy Lunge and Squat: Get a little fancy with a curtsy lunge and plié combination. When you curtsy, try to get the back knee as low to the floor as possible. The chest will stay square to the front. Open out into a plié, arms overhead however you want, then send the curtsy over to the other side. The trick is you'll stay low the entire time! Burn, baby, burn. See more here.


8. Reverse Flutter Kicks: Rest the upper half of your body as you lie on your belly and work the inner thighs. You'll need to fold the arms over to rest your head as you lift the legs. You'll cross one over the other. Think about making your legs super long, pointing the toes to activate those longer muscle fibers in the abductors. See it here.


9. Kneeling Side Plank Clamshells: One of our favorites at Skinny Mom is the clamshell! Come to your side and boost yourself up on your elbow. Lift the hip off the floor, keeping the legs bent and stacked. You'll open and close the top leg without sagging your hips. The top leg gets active work while the bottom leg benefits from isometric holding, and you strengthen your obliques! Try it right now for 60 seconds with Skinny Mom's founder, Brooke Griffin, or check it out here.

10. Leg Abduction with Band: Grab a resistance band and wrap it around the middle of your feet. Lie on your back and extend the legs from the hips; flex the feet. With arms at your side and your lower back pressed into the mat, open and close the legs. You can alter the resistance by making the band tighter or looser. As you bring the legs in, stop at hip-width. See more here.