Glide Time: 25 Gliding Disc Moves to Add to Your Workout [VIDEO]

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If you use gliding discs, you know that they add a new dimension to your workout, and can take body sculpting, balance and cardio to a whole new level! If you don't own a pair of gliding discs, now is the time to invest. They're small enough so that you can keep them in your gym bag, or you could keep them in your home gym (aka your living room) for a quick workout on those days when you don't have time for the gym. Plus, they're designed so that you can use them on both carpet and hard floors, so you really have no excuse not to use these in your workouts! Check out these 25 moves you can use with your gliding discs below, or watch the video above for an 18-minute total-body disc workout!

1. Ab Glide-Out: This move will target your abs for a strong core. Be sure to engage your core muscles when performing this exercise! Click here to learn how to do the ab glide-out.


2. Ankle Flicks: Looking for the perfect exercise that will get you toned, muscular calves? Then the ankle flick is the one for you. Your legs will look stunning in your heels in no time! Click here to see how to do ankle flicks.


19. Gliding Side Lunge: Test your glutes and hamstrings with the gliding side lunge! See how to do it by clicking here.


20. Gliding Sit-Up: Looking for a six pack by spring break? Incorporate the gliding sit-up into your fitness routine! Here's how it's done.


21. Gliding Sit-Up Curl: You'll work your back and abs with this unique move. See how it's done here!


22. Gliding Skaters: Skaters are a great exercise to get your blood pumping and into your target heart rate, but you the gliders will add a little extra oomf to the move. Here's how to do it.


23. Gliding Squatted Leg Circles: Work your lower body with this move! It will help with your hips' and legs' range of motion as well! Here's how it works.


24. One-Arm Glide: This move is simple enough, but it works many different areas: your arms, shoulders and abs. Click here to see how it's done!


25. Swimming Slide Extension: Finish strong with this move that will work your entire body! If only it were actually in the water. Here's how it works!


3. Gliding Arm Circles: For a move that will work your arms and your abs, try the gliding arm circles. Remember to utilize your core as well! For more instructions, click here.


4. Gliding Army Crawl: You already know that the army crawl is notorious for being a great (read: difficult) full-body workout, but have you ever tried it on gliding discs? Now's the time! Click here to see how it's done.


5. Gliding Burpee: The burpee is a simultaneously loved and hated exercise because it gets results. The added gliders will kick your cardio up a notch! Here's how to do it.


6. Gliding Butterfly Curl: To challenge your glutes and abs, try this gliding butterfly curl. Check it out here!


7. Gliding Curtsy Lunge: Here's another move that will work your glutes! The gliding curtsy lunge will really give your legs a workout! Check it out by clicking here.


8. Gliding Forearm Planks: The gliding discs will add a whole new element to the forearm plank. It's important to keep your core engaged in order to get the most out of the move. Click here for more info!


9. Gliding Hamstring Curl: Do you need to pay more attention to your hamstrings? Then introduce them to this move. Click here for more details.


10. Gliding Hip Abduction: It's important to remember your hips when working out! This move will not only target your hip flexors, but also your glutes and thighs! Check it out here.


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11. Gliding Knee Tucks: For this move to be completely effective, keep your core tight and your back straight. It will work your entire body! Here's how to do it.


12. Gliding Leg Crossovers: Remember to keep everything in nice and tight! That means not only your core, but your glutes, too! Here's how to do it.


13. Gliding Mermaid: Relive your childhood dreams AND tone your abs at the same time! Sounds like a win-win! Click here for instructions.


14. Gliding Mountain Climber: Kick your cardio up a notch with the gliding mountain climber! This will raise your heart rate and work your entire body. Click here to learn how to do it.


15. Gliding Pike: Keep your legs and back straight to get the most out of this move. As usual, it's important to really take advantage of your core muscles. This is how you do it.


16. Gliding Plank Jacks: These plank jacks will have your blood pumping through your body like never before! Try them out here.


17. Gliding Reverse Lunge: Reverse lunges are especially good for you if you have bad knees, and the gliders will help too! Check it out here.


18. Gliding Reverse Plank Pull-Through: This move will work your entire body! Use your core to control your body. Learn how to do it here!



>> Check out this fun 8-move gliding disc workout video below!