Spice Up Your Squats: 12 Variations, No Equipment Needed

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Welcome to our squat challenge! As you may know, squats are an essential exercise to sculpt a tight, lean lower body, but they can get a little boring. If you're up for an added challenge, need new bodyweight options or just want to jazz up your current routine, check out these fun, unique squat variations that require no equipment!

FIT TIP: Want an added challenge? Grab a set of light dumbbells (1-3 lbs) and use them during every squat exercise. You can perform each exercise holding the dumbbells in front of you or you can add some presses or tricep extensions! You’ll turn each sweat into a compound move, meaning you’ll work multiple muscle groups at once! It’s a win, win for busy women who don’t have time to spend hours in the gym.

1. Squat and Lift: Work your inner thighs with this squat variation. Each time you lift your leg, crunch your oblique muscle to stay balanced! Click here to get details on this move.


2. Squat Jump: This strength and cardio move will sculpt tight glutes and thighs while getting your heart pumping. Try to do as many as you can quickly without sacrificing form. See the move here!


11. Tiptoe Pl Squat: Once you've mastered the plié squat, lift your toes for an added challenge and deeper stretch. Be sure to keep your toes firmly planted so your ankles are supported. See more here!

Tip-Toe-Squats GROUPED

12. Pl Squat into Side Kick: Widen your stance and hit a deep squat, then use your legs to power an intense side kick. Just don't go too fast and sacrifice your form! Click here to see the move.


3. Partial Squats: This move is perfect for beginners and advanced fitness levels alike. Be sure to squat as low as you can within your comfort level and watch your progress improve! Click here to see the move.


4. Curtsy Lunge and Squat: This move requires some space and a little coordination, but it's a fun way to combine lunges and squats into one intense exercise! Check your form by clicking here.


5. Bow and Squat: Add a back-strengthening element to a squat for an added challenge. Be sure to keep a solid flat back before starting your squat. Get details here!

bow and squat

6. Extended Wide Squat: Aside from being an effective move for your legs and booty, this exercise is an excellent hip-opening stretch! Click here for more info.


7. Deep Squat Stand: Fire up your hamstrings and work to loosen the tension in your legs with this stretch. It's also an easy way to perfect your form for squats. See it here!


8. Squat with Twist: Add an oblique exercise to your squat routine with this twisting exercise! Maintain your form by keeping your back flat and chest lifted. Click here to see the move.


9. 180-Degree Squat Jump: Add a dose of cardio to your thigh-sculpting routine. As you jump toward the other direction, spot with your head first to keep from losing your balance or getting dizzy. Check out the video below or get details here!

10. Plié Squat: Turn out those toes to deepen your squat! In this variation, keep your hips tucked under and your back in line with the hips. Check your form by clicking here.

plie squat