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So you’re trying to lose weight but unsure where to start? Lucky for you, we’ve compiled our top 35 weight loss articles full of tips, motivation and inspiration. This is your new treasure trove of weight loss plans.

1. When the Pudge Won't Budge: 11 Reasons That Belly Fat Won't Go Away: If diet and exercise just don’t seem to melt the belly fat away like they do for other parts of your body, it’s time to make a change. Read more here!

2. 20 Best Appetite Suppressants: Curb your appetite and keep your belly under control with these tips and tricks.

3. 5 Foods That Are Killing Your Metabolism: Keep your energy levels high by avoiding these five foods. Keep reading here!

4. 19 Foods Fit People Love: Take a peek into a fit person's arsenal of healthy foods by clicking here.

5. 12 Snacks to Avoid if You're Trying to Lose Weight: Get the skinny on the 12 foods that are killing your weight loss here!

6. Fruits and Veggies to Avoid When Trying to Lose Weight: Avoid these fruits - some high in sugar - to see maximum weight loss results. Read more here!

Fruits and Vegetables

7. 5 Flat Belly Foods Just in Time for Summer: We’ve got the 411 on five delicious and healthy summer cleansing options to help you look and feel great for that trip to the beach! Read them here. These are some of the best foods for weight loss.

8. 52 Best Snacks for a Flat Tummy: Have you been looking for healthy snacks to kill your mid-day cravings? We have you covered. Find the snacks here!

9. 8 Baby Steps to Eating Clean: Taking small steps toward your goal can make a big difference in the end. See what they are here! These tips are great weight loss tips for moms!

10. 10 Best Weight Loss Friendly Foods: One of the hardest parts about losing weight is changing what you eat. Make the change easier by checking out these foods.

11. Slim Down with 30 Days of Healthy Snacks: Two healthy snacks a day will keep the “gobble everything in sight” monster away. Go ahead and indulge in these yummy, filling, low-calorie snacks when you’re feeling a little hungry. They're perfect for any day of the month! Check it out here.

12. These 'Healthy' Foods Are Making You Gain Weight: We often fall into the habit of adding certain foods to our diet just because they’ve been considered “healthy” or “nutritious.” Unfortunately, some of those foods are chock-full of ingredients that aren’t necessarily conducive to our weight loss goals and are really bad for weight loss. Read more here!

13. 25 Diet Tricks You Need to Try: If your weight loss has plateaued, try out these awesome diet tricks!

14. Healthy Grocery List by ‘Biggest Loser’ Dietician: Get the skinny from the experts! Here's what you should be buying at the grocery store. Read here!

15. 40 Favorite Snacks Under 100 Calories: While snacking can be a fatal flaw to a healthy diet, there are smart snacks that can boost metabolism, fight hunger and add healthy nutrition to your diet. Find out what they are here!


16. Know Your Belly Type to Lose Weight Fast: Not all women are created equally — or at least as far as our bellies are concerned. Find out your type here!

17. Boost Your Weight Loss With These 13 Snacks: Many people trying to lose weight are under the impression that they cannot snack in between meals, but that could not be further from the truth! Learn more here. These snacks will boost your weight loss in no time!

18. What is Your Fat Burning Zone? Understanding how to efficiently spend your time will motivate you to complete your workouts and reap more benefits from them. Read more here!

19. 100 Ways to Lose Weight Faster: Losing weight is a challenge. It requires a lot of hard work and isn’t something that will happen overnight, but we’re here to help! Check out our massive list of tips here.

20. Top 10 Reasons You Aren't Seeing Results: You slave away at the gym nearly every day, huffing and puffing through your five-mile run, your spin class, or your favorite boot camp routine, and yet nothing is happening. Find out what to do next here!

21. 8 Ways to Detox Your Body: Feeling weighed down or sluggish? Need a recharge before starting new healthy habits? It’s time for a detox.

22. Eliminate Stress to Eliminate Fat: Get the skinny on how stress affects your weight loss. Read about it here!

23. How Can Cortisol Affect Your Health? While you may recognize cortisol as a “stress hormone” that bears a somewhat negative connotation, the effects of cortisol — both positive and negative — are numerous. Read about it here!

24. Weight Loss is Easier With Friends: Of all the different methods we share to help you drop pounds and tone it up, there’s one thing we know is essential to losing weight: friends. Read how friends can help you on your weight loss journey here!

25. Can Weight Loss Supplements Boost Your Weight Loss? Are diet pills safe? Do supplements help or hurt my weight loss? We're here to answer your questions.

26. How Much Protein Should You Eat For Weight Loss? You might have tried cutting sugar, cutting carbs, or cutting calories, but when it comes to shedding those last few pounds, the last thing you want to skip out on is protein! Read more here!


27. Is Weight Loss Mental? Weight loss, and then weight maintenance, are lifelong struggles, so getting your head in the right place is absolutely essential to sticking with it and staying strong. Read more about it here.

28. 11 Weight Loss Rules You Can Cheat On: How can one-size-fits-all rules apply when every body (literally) is different? Find out what you can cheat on here!

29. Does Your Thyroid Really Control Your Weight Loss? This body part is important to understand if you're looking to shed some pounds! Educate yourself here.

30. All Moms Are Familiar With This Weight Gain-Causing Phenomenon: Anxiety can impact your life in serious ways. Find out how here.

31. Want to Lose Weight? Eat Fat! Contrary to popular belief, eating fat doesn't make you fat! Have we boggled your mind? Find out what we're talking about by clicking here.

32. 5 Weight Loss Myths To Stop Believing: You can't lose weight overnight, no matter what these weight loss myths might say!

33. 10 Simple Things to Do When You Feel Bloated: Don't let bloating ruin your date night! Try out these tips and tricks to feel more comfortable.

34. The Sneaky Reasons You Might Be Gaining Weight: If you noticed that your favorite jeans are harder to pull on, or have seen the numerical differences between one day and the next, there might be an answer for the unexpected weight gain.

35. How to Turn On Your Weight Loss Hormones: Though you might blame intense period cravings on your hormones, those little guys also have the power to make you put down the Rocky Road, build more muscle during every workout, and rev your metabolism. Read more here!