Shake Up Your Day with Protein: 14 Protein Shake Recipes

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Tired of the same old boring meals? Shake it up! Protein shakes and smoothies are perfect for an on-the-go breakfast or midday snack! If you've got access to a blender then you are ready to boost your protein intake with these healthy (and tasty) recipes!

1. Skinny Berry Protein Smoothie: You'll love this smoothie berry much! It's refreshing and sweet, so make enough for the kids to enjoy too! Click here for the ingredient list.

skinny berry protein smoothie

2. Key Lime Pie Protein Shake: Sweet tooth getting to you? Don't cave for leftover donuts from this morning's meeting! Whip up this key lime protein shake and feel great for the rest of the day. Get the ingredient list here.

kiwi banana protein smoothie

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11. Pumpkin Pie Protein Smoothie: It's never the wrong season to enjoy a pumpkin flavor! Since you can't get your fix with a Pumpkin Spice Latte year round, make this protein smoothie at only 227 calories! Get the recipe by clicking here.

pumpkin pie protein smoothie

12. Skinny Apple Pie A La Mode Protein Shake: This recipe blends into the perfect shake and is packed with protein, so you’re doing your body a favor while you spoil yourself! Click here for the recipe.


13. Skinny Tropical Protein Smoothie: It tastes like something you'd be served on the beach of a fancy resort but you're actually fueling your body with protein, fiber and lots of nutrients from the fruit! To get the recipe, click here.

skinny tropical smoothie

14. PB&J Protein Shake: Take yourself back to your childhood with this nostalgic PB&J Protein Smoothie! Start your morning off right — this smoothie packs a serious protein punch with 21 grams per serving and only 210 calories. Click here for the recipe.


3. Chocolate Banana Protein Smoothie: Start off your day with a delicious smoothie! Enjoy a milkshake flavor with the nutrition of a protein shake! It's a great recipe for taking to go! Click here to learn to make it.

chocolate banana protein smoothie

4. Strawberry Fluff Protein Shake: This pretty treat may look dainty, but it packs a mighty punch of 20 grams of protein, sure to kick any workout’s butt! Click here for the recipe.

Strawberry Fluff Protein Smoothie

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5. Dreamsicle Protein Smoothie: Who knew that it only took five ingredients to create the perfect, power-packed meal? The tangy mandarin oranges combine with the smooth texture of the bananas to create a delectable and creamy smoothie that is full of protein and healthy carbs. Click here to make it for yourself!

dreamsicle protein smoothie

6. Brownie Batter Protein Smoothie: For a punch of protein that tastes like dessert, try this Brownie Batter Protein Smoothie. For only 254 calories and 17 grams of sugar, you can start your day or finish your workout with a bang! Click here for the recipe!

7. Raspberry Mocha Protein Smoothie: Decadent and flavorful, you'll be surprised to find out this smoothie has only 166 calories. It's great for mornings and mid-afternoon snacks when your tummy starts to rumble! Get the recipe here.

raspberry mocha protein smoothie

8. Kiwi Banana Protein Smoothie: Need a refresher? This smoothie has a great summery flavor that will help move your slow day along! Give your body a boost with this flavorful shake!

kiwi banana protein smoothie

9. Cake Batter Protein Shake: Love cake but hate the calories? Well you’ve stumbled upon a delicious and healthier option to satisfy your sweet tooth. This shake is packed full of protein that will make it easy to forget your cake craving! Here's the recipe.

Cake Batter Protein Shake

10. Strawberry Pineapple Protein Smoothie: If you haven’t tried starting your day with a smoothie, let this recipe be your excuse to give it a go! Strawberry, banana, pineapple and orange flavor make this feel like an a.m. indulgence, while a simple scoop of protein powder will keep you full in a healthy way! Click here to see how to make it.


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