Today's Fit Challenge: Full-Body Workout in 20 Minutes

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(Photo: Olivia Rink)

The kids are napping and you finally have 20 free minutes to yourself, so what will you do with it? Today's Fit Challenge fits in easily with your time crunch, and should take no longer than 20 minutes! Instead of browsing your social media accounts, try completing this full-body workout instead. You'll feel energized, and you'll be one step closer to wearing that pre-baby bikini you've always loved. Now go!

today's today's fit challenge 2

30 Crunches: Crunches target your abdominals, or your core. Working these muscles not only protects your back and spine from injury, but improves your posture. Read more about them in our fitness index.


10 Pushups: Your entire body is at work when you perform this move. Your core, arms and back all work together to stabilize your movement as you push up and down. Read how to do a pushup here!


20 Squat Jumps: This plyometric exercise works your glutes and quads as you bend into a squat and then move into a jump. Read about the proper form here.

Jump Squats

10 Burpees: This full-body move increases your aerobic capacity while simultaneously pushing muscles in your chest, arms, abs and legs to their limits. Follow the directions for a perfect burpee here!

Burpee with Pushup

30 Jumping Jacks: Add light hand weights to this simple aerobic exercise if you're looking for a challenge, and make sure to keep your back straight! Read more about the jumping jack here.


60-Second Plank Hold: Finish out the first round of your workout with this 60-second plank hold, a killer move that works your abdominal muscles. Read more about the plank in our fitness index.

Plank Up Downs

Complete these six moves to completion, and then repeat two more times for a total of three rounds.