Blast Thigh Jiggle: 9 Pilates Ring Exercises We Swear By [VIDEO]

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If you're a Pilates veteran, you're probably well-versed in the power ring, or Pilates ring, and how to use it. But for those unfamiliar with this flexible circle of resistance, you're missing out on some seriously great exercises that you can incorporate into your regular routine for toning, tightening and strengthening your muscles. If you want to blast the thigh jiggle, then look no further, because we've got what you've been missing! Check out these nine great power ring exercises that you should absolutely be doing.

1. V-Sit Hold: If you've ever held a V-sit, then you know how challenging it is for your core. But if you place a power ring between your feet and hold the V-sit, your inner thighs are going to be working just as hard as those abs! This is one of the greatest exercises for inner thighs! Learn how to do the move by clicking here.

brooke griffin doing a v sit up with a pilates ring

2. Side Leg Press: This move ensure that your quads, hamstrings and glutes are all getting a workout! Click here to learn how to do it.

brooke griffin doing side leg presses with a pilates ring

3. Standing Leg Presses: If you want to make the side leg presses more challenging, you can do them while standing up by placing the circle around your legs just above your ankles. Now press the circle outward and make sure you are standing upright throughout the exercise. Don't forget to engage your core! See more details here.

standing leg press pilates ring

4. Standing Arm Presses: Your upper body can also benefit from presses with a power ring! Learn how to do the move here.

brooke griffin doing a standing arm press with a pilates ring

5. Behind-Your-Back Press: This exercise is similar to a standing arm press only you will be holding the circle behind your back and pressing. This is a great move to target your triceps, biceps and shoulders! Here's how to do it.

brooke griffin doing behind the back presses with a pilates ring

6. Roll-Up: The roll-up is a traditional Pilates exercise, but when you add a power ring to it, you can effectively get your upper body as well. Learn how to do it here.

brooke griffin doing an ab roll up with a pilates ring

7. Outer Thigh Press: You worked your inner thighs by placing the circle between your legs, but now you need to work those outer thighs by placing your legs in the circle. Plus, you'll give your hamstrings a run for their money! Click here to learn how to do the outer thigh press.

outer thigh press pilates ring

8. Lying Ring Pass: Here’s another great one for your core that also includes both your upper and lower body. Lie down on a mat and hold the ring by its cushions over your head and with straight arms. Lift your upper body and bring your legs up with your knees in towards your chest as you pass the ring to your lower body placing it just above your ankles. Now extend your legs out and your arms overhead. Now do this in reverse, grabbing the ring from between your legs and taking it back overhead. Click here to see the full move.

brooke griffin doing a lying pilates ring pass

9. Hip Bridge: This is another Pilates staple that intensifies with the addition of a power ring. Here's how to do the move!

brooke griffin doing hip bridges with a pilates ring A tight core, toned arms and strong legs will definitely be yours when you use a power ring. You can perform these exercises as one complete workout that works every muscle in your body and it makes for a perfect routine if you want a day off from heavy lifting. However you decide to use it, you will definitely end up being the lord of the ring!

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