Go Ahead: Drop It Like A Squat [VIDEO]

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Squats are great fitness moves if you want to tone your quads and glutes! They will take your lower body strength to a whole new level. If you can't get enough squats, check out the video above for six squat variations, or read the article below for 10 variations to keep your squat game on point.

1. Squat Step with Resistance Band: The resistance band provides an extra challenge on top of the regular squat. Check it out here!

Side Step Squat With Resistance Band-GROUPED

2. Plié Squat: The plié squat is no joke! Get ready to get low and test your quads. This is one of those "different" squats we were talking about! Check it out here.

3. Tiptoe Plié Squat: This squat targets your quads and hamstrings and tests your balance. If you've mastered the plié squat about, then this is a great next step! Try it out here!

4. Plié Squat Into Side Kick: Sure, you can do a plié squat, but can you do the side kick? Get step-by-step instructions by clicking here or watch Real Mom Model Melissa perform them below.

5. Jump Squat: Explode through the end of this squat to get your heart rate up! The harder you work, the more result you will see. Here's how it's done.

6. Kettlebell Swing and Squat: Get your blood pumping with the kettlebell! This squat variation works your entire body, not just your legs and glutes. Here's how to do it!

Kettlebell Swing Grouped-1

7. Sumo Squat with Bicep Curl: This squat will also target your entire body! The dumbbells will add a punch to this killer squat. Learn how to do it here.


8. 180-Degree Squat Jump: This squat is not for the faint hearted! Perfect this one and you'll be Superwoman. Here are the instructions.

180-Squat-Jump Grouped

9. Squat with Kettlebell: Really work your glutes and quads with this deep squat. The kettlebell gives you a little something extra to push through! See how it's done here.

Goblet-Squat Grouped-1

10. Squat with Twist: A squat that works more then your lower body is a winner! The added twist allows you to really target your obliques, which is a great way to rid yourself of muffin top. Click here to learn this move.

Squat With Twist-GROUPED