Your 7-Minute Routine For Flat Abs

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Need a quick ab routine that'll help you sculpt a six pack? This workout requires only seven minutes as you perform each of the exercises for a full minute! If the move targets one side of the body, switch to the other side after 30 seconds. You'll have hot abs in no time!

1. Plank Lunge and Jump: This move brings excitement to planks and allows you to use your abs to drive your feet up to your elbows! Get details here.


2. Side Plank Hip Dip: Work your obliques with this side-crunching exercise! Don't forget to switch sides after thirty seconds. See the move here!


3. Genie Abs: This movement is small but it'll leave your core burning. Be sure to lift and lower your upper body in one fluid motion. Get step-by-step instructions here.


4. Bird Dog: This yoga move will strengthen your core as you use your abs for balance. Try to hold the pose for 10 seconds, then alternate to the other side! See the move here.


5. Reverse Crunch: Lift your legs and booty using strength from your abs instead of momentum. It may be difficult, but keep it up for one minute! Get details here.


6. Barbie Abs: Keep those legs tight as you lift and lower them, switching the placement of your legs after 30 seconds. Relax your head and neck to focus on using your abs to lift the legs! Get started here.


7. Seated Pretzel: Sit up tall and target your obliques with this move. After 30 seconds of lifting one leg, switch to the other side. Click here for more details!

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