Successful Relationships Have This In Common

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According to science, couples that shared a similar social circle felt closer and had a stronger relationship with each other than couples that didn't share a friend group. So what does it mean if you absolutely hate your husband's best friend Joe? Is your relationship doomed to fail? Nope! Turns out, Joe doesn't have that kind of power.

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The study went on to explain that even if you don't share the same friend groups, there are other ways to bond in equally strong ways—and that's through media! Sharing the same interest in books, movies, television programs and music can help you bond with your partner, even if you don't like hanging out with his friends.

The study wrote, "These show that shared media can enhance interdependence and allow people to compensate for lacking a shared social network in the real-world."

Take a deep sigh of relief. Thank goodness. To strengthen your relationship, take your down time in the evening and read a book together, start a new show, or watch a movie that you think you'd both enjoy. Bonding over the fictional world of media can be just as strong as bonding over real-life friends.

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