How Moms Really Feel About Kids Going Back to School

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As summer winds down and the kids gear up to go back to school, we are faced with a plethora of emotions. First: sadness, because hello, the kids are getting way old and we will miss our summer days with them. Second: anxiety, because there's so much to do (and buy) before they go back. Third: a tiny bit of glee, knowing we might have a fraction of time to ourselves. And fourth: a whole lot of guilt, because now we feel bad about wanting them out of our hair (even if only for a few hours). Check out how other moms (and dads) feel about the kids going back to school!

Sometimes life just isn't fair:

This mom isn't sure if she can make it through the summer:


While back to school shopping, don't forget the little details!

The entire neighborhood is making a giant slip n' slide out of tarps and soap suds in the backyard? No prob.

And be sure to cherish those first day of school photos for years to come:

Mom photobombs back to school picture

These moms are so excited for back to school season they made a video!

How do you feel about the kiddos heading off to school? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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