Saggy Booty Be Gone! 13 Exercises to Tighten Your Tush [VIDEO]

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It's hard to strut around in your swimsuit when you're self conscious about a saggy booty. So say it with us: "Saggy booty be gone!" Okay, it's not magic and it won't work overnight, but by incorporating these 13 tush-tightening moves into your routine, after a few weeks, you'll be able to finally strut like you mean it!

1. Table Dips: Feel the burn in your buns when you lower yourself in this move. Be sure that you are also engaging your abs for a fuller body workout. Learn more by clicking here.Tabletop Dips ALL

2. Single Leg Plank: Planks are a great workout for your entire body, and this variation is perfect for targeting your tushy! Click here to learn the details of this move.

single leg plank all

11. Hamstring Ball Tuck: Roll your stability ball out of the closet and get to work! This move will work your booty, and keeping your balance will help to tighten your core as well! For details, click here.

hamstring ball tuck

12. Scissor Kick: This move is really meant to target your abs, but the motion will engage your glute muscles as well! It's a great move for any workout routine. For further details, click here.


13. Kneeling Leg Lift: Whether you perform this move with the weight or not, it's great for focusing on your tush. To get more info on this move, click here.


So get to tightening, ladies! That beautiful booty is waiting. Did you like these moves? You'll find these and more in our fitness index!

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3. Reverse Plank on a Chair: This is a great move to add to your at-home routine because you can perform it using almost any type of furniture — just make sure it's stable! For more information on this move, click here.

Reverse Plank Chair

4. Donkey Kick Planks: You may feel a little silly performing this at the gym, but you'll take pride in the results you'll get! For step-by-step instructions on this move, click here.

Donkey Kick Plank

5. Tip Toe Squat: This is another great squat to work your problem area! It's also great for thinning your thighs, which can be another problem area for many women. For move details, click here.

tip-toe squat

6. Booty Lift Plank: The name says it all. This plank variation is designed to lift even the saggiest booty! Keep your abs engaged for the best results! Click here to be taken to the move.

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7. Fire Hydrant: Work that booty with this leg-lifting move! It's also a great move for your core and thighs, so keep it in mind when creating a routine! Click here to be taken to the move.

8. Power Squat: Get some force behind you and squat like you mean it! This is a fierce move that will bring great results! Click here to be taken to instructions on performing this move.

power squat

9. One Leg Squat: This move can be tricky, but you'll really feel it, and your booty will be thanking you! Click here for more information on this leg squat

10. Kickback Pulse: This move requires you to be in control of your muscles, and will really help to target the lower body. Click here to learn this move.