5 Compound Exercises Everyone Should Add To Their Routine

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Compound exercises are hailed for their ability to get results faster than isolation exercises. The beauty of a compound exercise is that you can work more than one major muscle group at a time, therefore burning more calories and fat. Compound exercise is the name, multitasking is the game. Check out these calorie- and fat-torching compound exercises everyone should know and add to their fitness routine.

1. Burpee: Yep, you knew this one would be on the list. It's a tough one, but that's because it gets results. There won't be a muscle group untouched after you're through with this total-body exercise. Here's how to do it.


2. Chair Sits: Who knew you could get a workout just by getting up from a chair? You can work both your glutes and your quads with this move! Try not to use your body's momentum, and instead power up through your quads and glutes. Here's the exercise.


3. Squat and Press with Resistance Band: Remember, you can swap out the resistance band for a kettlebell or dumbbells — heck, even anything around the house — as long as you're working those arms. Here's a closer look at the exercise.

Squat Press Resistance Band

4. Elevated Shoulder Taps: This exercise bolsters your typical plank with a little extra sweat. Really engage your core so you're feeling the burn there and in your shoulders. Get specific instructions here!

Elevated Shoulder Taps

5. Bear Crawl: Your kids will love "helping" Mom exercise with this move! It's tougher than it looks, but simple and to the point. Keep your back flat and butt down during this exercise. Click here for more instructions.

Lateral Bear Crawl