25 Gym Bags For Every Style

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There is nothing worse than getting to the gym and realizing you've forgotten something. To help you avoid that, we suggest packing a gym bag ahead of time! Whether you just need a way to transport your sneakers or you've got a whole change of clothes and shower equipment, we have a women's gym bag for you.

1. Fitmark Sport Tote: With a separate compartment for shoes and dirty clothes, this bag is both functional and fashionable. It's got enough pockets to keep you organized and the right amount of space to hold everything you'll need! Click here to get yours!

fitmark sport tote
(Photo: Fitmark)

2. Zella Neoprene Duffle Bag: For a classy look that's also convenient, try out this Zella bag! It is durable, sleek and scratch resistant, so it's prepared to be just as tough as you are! Check it out here.

zella neoprene
(Photo: Nordstrom)

3. Apera Yoga Tote: Designed for the most hardcore yogis, this bag is perfect for anyone who has to squeeze in a yoga session during their busy day. Not only can it hold your mat, but it's got vented show pockets, a padded pouch for your cell phone, room for a water bottle and more! You can buy one online here.

apera yoga tote
(Photo: Nordstrom)

4. LeSportsac Nylon Duffle Bag: Fashionable and functional, this duffle is a great investment. With a large interior, several pockets and an adjustable strap, this bag is perfect for any fit mom! Order yours here.

lesportsac nylon duffle
(Photo: Nordstrom)

5. Apera Sling Tote: If you are squeezing in a workout between the office and your next errand, then this is the bag for you. It's slim, so it won't get in your way, but it can hold everything you need! It has enough pockets and compartments to keep you organized and antimicrobial protection to eliminate embarrassing odors. Buy it online by clicking here.

apera sling tote
(Photo: Nordstrom)

6. MZ Wallace  Medium Metro Tote: From gym rat to jet-setter, this tote is perfect for the fashionable and fit mom! It's easy to store and lightweight, so you can keep everything you need with you when you are on the go. Click here to check it out.

MZ wallace medium metro
(Photo: Nordstrom)

7. Patagonia Atom Sling Back: If your fitness is on-the-go, this is the bag for you! Whether it's hiking, running or biking, this bag is perfect. It's easy to swing around your body so you can check your phone mid-trek without having to stop and rummage through your bag. Find out more about this bag here.

atom sling back
(Photo: Nordstrom)

8. Zella Girl Pop Duffle Bag: Do you have a budding athlete in the family? This is a great bag for any girl going from dance class to soccer practice! It's roomy enough for everything she needs and the pop-out side is perfect for holding softball bats or tennis rackets. Click here to buy it online.

zella girl pop duffle
(Photo: Amazon)

9. North Face Base Camp Duffle: Are you a climber? This bag is durable and ready to handle the elements. It's worn easily as a backpack and has extra bar tacks and double stitching. Check out this bag here.

base camp duffle bag
(Photo: Nordstrom)

10. Everybody, Move Your Beat Bag: This bag is spacious enough for you to fit in your gym attire and especially perfect for workouts, because this bag doubles as a speaker! Plug in your MP3 and get in a great workout! Check it out here.

move your body duffle
(Photo: ModCloth)

11. Under Armour Hustle Tote: When your hands are full, this is the perfect bag. Great for a change of shoes or for keeping a clean shirt, this drawstring bag is ready to go when you are! Find it online here.

under armour hustle tote
(Photo: Back Country)

12. Oakley Performance Tote: Sleek and cool, this water-resistant bag is perfect for a sporty mom! It's the perfect size for anyone making a quick trip to the gym and back. Click here to get more info.

Oakley performance tote
(Photo: Back Country)

13. Haiku Day Tote Bag: This bag comes in several color options and is perfect for a busy mom trying to live a balanced life. This bag is big enough to fit your gym clothes, accessories, snacks and more all at once! It has three stretchy interior pockets as well as three zipper exterior pockets. Get yours online here.

haiku day tote
(Photo: Back Country)

14. North Face Borealis Day Back: From school to work to your next hike, this bag can do it all. With tons of storage options, this backpack will sit comfortably as you go about your day! Get more info here.

north face borealis dayback
(Photo: REI)

15. REI Balance Gym Bag: Designed to be the perfect fit to hang in your gym locker, this bag is easily accessible, has lots of storage and even a water-resistant, removable pouch for dirty or wet clothes! You can purchase it online by clicking here.

REI balance gym bag
(Photo: REI)

16. Völkl Over Under Weekend Bag: Made for skiers, this bag can be used for any one who will end their workout with dirty shoes or clothes, like tough mudders or hikers! The bottom of the bag is to keep your dirties, while the top storage area will keep everything dry and tidy. Learn more about the bag here.

Volkl over under weekend duffle
(Photo: REI)

17. Sherpani Blast Gym Bag: Lightweight and versatile, this is the perfect grab-and-go bag! Whether you take it to the gym, pack it with snacks for the park or just need it to free up your hands, this bag is for you! Check it out here.

sherpani blast gym bag
(Photo: REI)

18. Timbuk2 Skylark Tote Bag: From tote to backpack in seconds, this bag is great for anything! You can carry it to work like a tote and then convert it to a backpack to hit the trails when you clock out! Find out more here.

timbuk2 skylark tote bag
(Photo: REI)

19. Timbuk2 Elise Mini Duffle Bag: Grab this mini duffle, throw it over your shoulder and head out! It's great for any quick trip to the gym! You can choose this fun Tropical Mist print or go with a more classic style. See them here.

timbuk2 elise mini duffle bag
(Photo: REI)

20. Prana Soleil Satchel: Impress every woman in yoga class when you show up with this trendy tote! It's great for storing all of your gym essentials and you'll look fabulous as you do it! Check it out here.

soleil satchel
(Photo: Prana)

21. Urban Outfitters Summer Bummer Gym Bag: Flashy and fun, this gym bag is perfect for carrying everything you need to the gym! It's made to be water- and odor-resistant so you can use it anywhere! Get yours here.

summer bummer
(Photo: Urban Outfitters)

22. Sherpani Wisdom Yoga Tote Bag: Machine washable and easy to carry, this bag has several interiror pockets as well as outside pouches perfect for water bottles or any other item you want to access easily. Click here for more info and color options.

sherpani yoga tote
(Photo: Zappos)

23. Under Armour Gotta Have It Tote: This bag has everything you need. It's got tons of storage options inside including dividers, insulated pockets, key fob and a removable laundry bag. The name is right: you just gotta have it! Get yours here.

under armour gotta have it tote
(Photo: Zappos)

24. North Face Laryssa Gym Tote: Keep your stinky sneakers away from your clean post-workout clothes with this dividing bag. It has plenty of storage for everything you need! Find out more by clicking here.

north face laryssa gym tote
(Photo: Zappos)

25. Under Armour Undeniable Duffle Bag: Pick from 15 different colors and patterns when you buy this duffle bag! It's spacious enough to fit all of your workout gear and more! Check it out here.

under armour undeniable duffle bag
(Photo: Amazon)