6 Ab Sculpting Exercises Made Better On A Stability Ball

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If you want to get stronger, slimmer abs, the stability ball is the one piece of equipment you should never be without. You can take an already killer bodyweight move like a plank, throw it on a stability ball and increase the difficulty tenfold, yielding dramatic results. The stability ball tests your balance, in turn testing your core strength. Here are six of our favorite ab exercises made better by a stability ball!

1. Stability Ball Roll Out: Really engage and pull from your core as you pull your body back up! For step-by-step instructions, click here.

Stability Ball Roll Out

2. Stability Ball V-Pass: Pull your belly button in towards your spine so you aren't lifting from your back. Instead, gather your strength from your core to transfer the stability ball from your head to your toes. Click here for more instructions.

3. Frog Crunch On Stability Ball: This exercise will work more than just your abs, but you'll definitely feel it in your core tomorrow! Check it out here.

Frog crunch

4. Plank Tuck Twist: This move will test your balance, and in turn, your core strength. Keep your shoulders aligned over your wrists for maximum calorie burn! Click here to see the plank tuck twist.

Plank tuck twist

5. Stability Ball Leg Raise: Similar to the stability ball v-pass, this exercise requires you to pull from your abs, not your back. Click here to see details on the stability ball leg raise.


6. Y-Raise On Stability Ball: Get ready to feel the burn! You'll be glad this is the last exercise on your list! See more details here.

Y-raise on stability ball

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