Is it Unhealthy to Lose Too Much Weight Too Fast?

| Weight Loss

First, let's start off by saying everyone's weight loss journey is different. There's no magic number of pounds you should lose a week. You can guesstimate to lose a healthy two pounds a week, but if your hubby or best friend following the same weight loss plan as you lost four pounds in their first week, it's not like you're doing anything wrong. (Plus, it's a fact that the weight comes off easier for men than it does for women.)

The amount of weight you will shed depends on so many things like your body type, eating and exercise habits, health conditions, etc.

Former trainer for NBC's "The Biggest Loser" Jillian Michaels says that as long as you're consuming enough calories, exercising (to a healthy extent, of course) and being mindful of your weight loss methods, there's no wrong way to lose weight.

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"There’s nothing wrong with dropping pounds quickly — as long as you’re doing it smartly," Michaels wrote on her website. "Losing weight more quickly may give you more motivation to keep going, though it doesn’t really matter how many pounds you lose a week. The only thing that matters is the method you’re using to experience weight loss and how well you follow your maintenance plan.

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