52 Gifts for the Fitness Guru in Your Life

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Have a friend who's a fitness junkie, but you have absolutely no idea what to get them as a gift? Check out our carefully compiled list of quality, fun and useful gifts for athletes of all shapes, sizes and interests.

1. The Nike Studio Wrap 4: These "shoes" are perfect for someone who does yoga, barre, Pilates or dance classes. The wraps protect your feet while simultaneously making you feel like you're barefoot. Find these $44.97 "shoes" here!

nike fitness wrap

2. Flip Belt Zipper: If you're going on a run or don't want to risk the gym lockers, try the Flip Belt instead. It will hold your essentials (keys, ID, insulin pump, etc.) without weighing you down. This is the perfect gift for your gym rat friends, and only $34.99. Buy it here!

flip belt

3. Nalgene Silo: We all have a friend who is obsessed with hydrating. They drink water constantly, and probably take a lot of trips to the bathroom. This gift is right up their alley! This water bottle holds 32 ounces and is made in the USA. Buy one here!

nalgene silo

4. G-Loves: Gone are the days of gross, black workout gloves. It's time to welcome in a new era: the g-love era. These gloves are moisture wicking, neoprene gloves that fight calluses and protect you from nasty germs on the gym workout equipment. It doesn't hurt that they're adorable either. Buy some here!


5. PowerSpurz 4id: Have a friend who loves to run at night? You can finally stop worrying about their safety when you buy them this little gadget. Lights that clip onto their heels are lightweight, and will alert their presence to cars on the road. Buy them here!

Photo Credit: The Grommet

6. Sarah Sports Bra—Bahamas: "Where do I put my phone while I'm on this machine?" is a question we find ourselves asking whenever we hit up the gym, but not anymore! This sports bra has a pocket on the back that is phone-sized, meaning we don't have to place our cellulars on grimy equipment anymore. Check it out here! 

sports bra

7. Rainbow Leopard Yoga Pants from Om Shanti Clothing: These pants make the perfect gift for the yogi in your life. The material is bright, colorful and totally unique, just like your friend. If it's possible, leggings just got a little more comfortable. Buy a pair here!

yoga pants

8. Luxletic Shawn Cropped Legging from Lilly Pulitzer: As if we needed another reason to love Lilly Pulitzer products, these leggings came along. Perfect for a jog or a quick workout at the gym, your friend will ooh-and-ahh over these colorful pants! Click here to purchase.


9. S'ip Water Bottle: S'ip and Target just joined forces to create the cutest water bottle on the face of the planet. With several patterns to choose from, you can't go wrong with one of these bad boys as a gift. Buy here!


10. Cath Kidston Bicycle Helmet: Your bike-fanatic friend will go nuts for this adorable floral helmet. You can find the helmet here!


11. Cath Kidston Bicycle Bell: It's time to cycle in style, and that's way easier with this adorable bike bell in neon yellow. Find it here!

bike bell

12. Sporti Watermelon Swim Cap: For under $10 your swimmer friend will have the cutest swim cap in the pool. It's a perfect summer gift, and can cheer anybody up during the cold winter months. Check it out here!

watermelon swim cap

13. Run Necklace: This pretty piece of jewelry will show off all your running accomplishments, from a 5k to full marathon. The cute sneaker charm is available in several materials. Check it out!

sneaker necklace

14. Run Like It's Midnight Tee: This tank is lightweight and perfect for a quick morning run. Find the tank here.

front shirt15. Baja Wave Magic Carpet Yoga Mat: If you don't do yoga now, you will once you get a load of these magic carpet yoga mats. The colors and patterns are so pretty you'll quickly become a yogi just so you can spend more time on your mat. Buy it here!

magic carpet yoga mat

16. Peony Garden Couture Yoga Mat: This light (but still heavy duty) mat is super cushy and textured, not to mention it has an adorable floral print. Your yoga-loving friend will love this mat as a gift! Buy it here.


17. Nike Workout Phone Case: Chic, classy and workout related—all in one? Yep! This cell phone case does just that, as well as protects your precious device with the photos you took in the gym mirror. Buy it here!


18. Mini Weight Plate Earrings: You know your friend loves weight lifting when they scream with delight at the sight of these earrings. They're unique and totally a conversation starter. You can buy them here!


19. Sports Armband: This colorful sports armband will give you the flexibility and freedom to listen to your favorite workout jams whether you're on a run or lifting weights at the gym. Buy it here!

arm band

20. Fitbook: This 12-week fitness journal keeps you accountable, and keeps you committed to your fitness goals! Record your daily progress, or track your meals, vitamins, H20 consumption or sleep. Buy it here for $25!


21. ProSource Multi-Grip Pull-Up Bar: Your fitness junkie friend will adore this piece of at-home-workout-equipment. It simply hooks on a door frame, and voila! An at-home workout is at your fingertips. Buy it for them here.

pullupbar22. Made It To The Gym Award: This clever racerback tank top is cool and won't bog you down with its heavy material as you work out. And we can all be honest—sometimes we feel like we need an award for making it to the gym too! Click here to purchase.


23. Smart Rope LED: This is the ultimate gift for a workout guru, and you'll quickly see why. Not only does this jumprope track your jump count, but it also records your calories burned and suggests workout intervals. Oh yeah, and you unlock prizes as you jump. Do you need any more motivation to exercise after this cool gadget? Buy it here!

smart rope LED

24. Exercise Cards for Women: Throw a little fun into your workout with these workout cards that keep you guessing. Each card features a different exercise with instructions on the back. Buy these here!

exercise cards

25. Fitness Dice: You will love the challenge these dice by Stack 52 present. From beginner level to advanced, there are enough roll options to keep your workout fresh but still beneficial. Purchase them here!

fitness dice

26. Yoga Mat Bag: The "Home Is Where My Mat Is" is an adorable gift for the yoga-lover in your life. It's 100% cotton and will fit an average sized yoga mat. Purchase it here!

yoga mat bag

27. Muscle Relief Bath Bomb: The secret to this yummy bath bomb is not that it relaxes your muscles (which it does!), but it's secret ingredient: organic sea clay. Inexpensive and sure to sooth those achy muscles, you can buy this bath bomb here!

muscle relieving bath bomb

28. Workout Tank Top...With Veggies: Love avocados and working out? Then this shirt is right up your alley, plus it's too cute to ever take off, of course! You can buy it here!

avocardio29. Nathan Mercury 2 Bottle Belt: Stay hydrated with this "fanny pack" belt that holds your water bottles. It's comfortable, versatile and won't chafe. That's a win in our book. You can buy it here!

nathan water belt

30. ADIDAS Women's Squad III Duffle Bag: It's time to update that old, stinky gym bag. Trust us. It's spacious and even has a compartment for your gym shoes! You can buy one here.

adidas gym bag

31. CALIA by Carrie Underwood Printed Knit Headband: We love this floral headband, because we love to have a feminine touch in our gym outfits! This headband is 100% polyester, doesn't chafe and is the perfect mixture of sweet and sassy. You can buy one here!

CALIA headband

32. Yummi Yogi Cookie Cutters: Love yoga? These cookie cutters shaped like yoga poses are then perfect for you or a yogi friend. You'll want to throw these in your gift bag ASAP!

yummi yogie cookie cutters

33. Antibacterial Yoga Mat Cleaner: Don't let the germs pile up while you work out and sweat—fight them with this germ resistant spray! It's perfect for your own health, or for a friend. You can purchase it here.

yoga m at wash

34. Sweatybands 2-Pack: Fight flyaways with these stylish, non-slip headbands, perfect to gift to your workout buddy or trainer as a “just because” treat. These bands come in cool colors, patterns and styles, and even sparkle with glitter designs. Be twice as nice and buy this 2-pack!


35. Surefoot Foot Rubs: This may look more like a toddler’s toy, but this ball uses acupressure points to stimulate the feet, hands and body to soothe sore muscles or alleviate tension. With this useful gadget, your fitness lover will never beg you for a massage again! Click here to learn more.

rubz36. Send a subscription box: In true grab bag fashion, surprise your fit friend with a  monthly subscription box like those from Yogi Surprise or Runnerbox. You’ll be just as curious to see what’s inside as she is, but you’ll never be disappointed as they supply some of the most loved fitness products on the market.

yogi surprise

37. George Washinguns Tank: Love to work out and also love your American history? This tank top is definitely the one for you. Just the right amount of funny and lightweight, this George Washinguns tank is the perfect gift for the history "buff" in your life. (Get it??) Buy it here!

george washinguns shirt

38. Shandali Go Sweat Yoga Towel: Perfect for hot yoga and for wiping up all those pesky droplets of sweat, this towel is super absorbent and 100% microfiber. This is the good stuff, ladies. You can buy it here!

shandali go sweat towel

39. Drink Me Up H20 Bottle: Is this not the cutest water bottle on the face of the planet? Because we sure think so, which is why we think it will make the perfect gift for your fitness guru friend! Buy it here.

drink me up

40. Women's Do It Tank: This shirt is sweat-activated, which means the text appears the more you sweat. If that's not motivation to work out harder, then we don't know what is! You can shop for this shirt and others like it here.

do it tank

41. Dumbbell Necklace With Verses: This weight necklace is the perfect accessory to wear in or out of the gym, plus the encouragement of the engraved verse will push you to greater heights! You can buy one here.

dumbbell necklace

42. Sona Connected Bracelet: Made of genuine leather, the Sona bracelet doesn't look like your average activity bracelet. While it does everything an activity bracelet does, like monitor steps, heart rate, calories burned, etc., it also makes a fashion statement and will fit with dressed-up outfits even at work! Buy one here.

sona bracelet43. "Live Fit" Dumbbell Bracelet: Have a gym rat in your life who would love this bracelet? It's black matte, with "Live Fit" engraved into the dumbbell. Perfect for the gym, the office, or shopping for groceries, this bracelet is the perfect everyday accessory. Buy one here!


44. Climbing Rope Bracelets: We all have a friend who is obsessed with rock climbing. This gift will make their day, trust us on this one! The climbing rope bracelet is totally unique and not something you can buy at the store! Shop here.

climbing rope bracelet

45. Camelbak Arete 18: This Camelbak holds 50 ounces of water and is lightweight and reversible. If you enjoy biking, hiking, running or just going on super long walks, this Camelbak is the perfect way to stay hydrated without carrying around a pesky water bottle. Buy one here!


46. Gripmaster Pro Edition: This gift will train the muscles in your fingers and hand to give you a stronger grip next time you hit up the climbing wall. Practice in the car, at work, or while you're watching tv! A rock-climbing guru would love to see this at the bottom of a gift bag. Buy one here!

hand grip

47. Fitness Moves Black Burnout Tank: This tank top is adorable with bright pops of color, sure to lighten up any workout experience and give you more confidence! You can buy one for yourself or for a friend here.

fitness top

48. Lift Tank: In army green, any gym rat would love this tank. It's cool and doesn't trap the heat or sweat, which makes it the perfect workout tank top for the gym. Buy one here!

lift tank

49. Volleyball Flip Flops: These adorable summer shoes are perfect for everyday wear. They're totally adorable and make the best gift ever for your friend who never misses that Tuesday night sand volleyball match! You can get her a pair of these here!

volleyball flip flops

50. Cycling Gift Mug: We can think of a dozen people already who would love this mug. The text itself is so true, we can barely resist buying a couple for our friends! Grab one here!

bike mug

51. Coffee and Crossfit Mug: Indulge your Crossfit-obsessed friend with this mug—another item they can add to their Crossfit memorabilia. We promise they'll love it. You can grab one here.

crossfit mug

52. IronMind Grippers: Treat the bodybuilder or rock climber in your life with this hand strengthening gadget, or even buy one for yourself! Improve your grip strength anywhere, even at your desk. Buy it here!

ironmind grippers