9 Moves to Get Rid of A Flat Butt

| Fitness

Ready to give that booty a boost? If you don't have a whole lot of junk in the trunk or need to turn flab to fab, then we've got some moves for you! These exercises are all focused on the glutes, so you can incorporate them into your fitness routines and tone your tushy.

1. Leg Lift Tap: Feel that booty burn with a leg lift tap. You will have to really focus your muscles — especially the glutes — so that you can stay in control of this move. Click here to learn the proper form.


2. Squat and Lift: This is a great squat variation that will work your inner thighs and booty. You'll want to make sure you've stretched before diving into this move! Get step-by-step instructions for the move by clicking here.


3. Jump Squats: A squat jump is a great way to take your typical squat to the next level by adding a powerful jump at the end! Not only will your booty and quads get a workout, but this will raise your heart rate as well. You can learn how to do the move here or watch it below.

4. Glute Bridge with Dumbbell: In this move you'll be lifting your booty to build a more lifted booty! If you find that this is too challenging or uncomfortable, you can ditch the dumbbell! Click here to learn how it's done.


5. Glute Bridge March: If you like the glute bridge, ditch the dumbbell and try it with a march. This will have you working your core muscles as well as your glutes for an overall toning result. Click here for the instructions.


6. Weighted Donkey Kick: This move has you working your booty in a whole new way. If it's a little too tricky, you can lose the weight. Either way, you'll be toning your tush! Click here to see it done.


7. Reverse Flutter Kicks: Work your glutes and your hamstrings in this move! It may not look challenging in the photos, but once you really get into this move, you'll feel the burn! Click here to read the instructions.


8. Single Leg Frog Lifts: The name may seem silly but this move is all business! The Single Leg Frog Lift targets your outer hip muscles to really tone and tighten the booty. It's a tricky move, but it'll have a big effect! Click here to learn how it's done.


9. Booty Kicks: If you've got a sturdy chair, then this is a great addition to your at-home workout routine. You'll feel the burn in your supporting leg as you kick back. Don't worry if you can't get your leg as high up; just do what's comfortable. Get details on this move by clicking here.