How Low Can You Go? 25 Moves to Sculpt Your Lower Body [VIDEO]

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Looking to add some variety to your workout? Doing the same old moves every time you hit the gym can get boring. Plus, it's important to keep things fresh in the fitness scene to keep pushing your body's limits and to avoid plateauing. Check out the video above or the 25 lower body exercises below to keep your workouts versatile!

1. Mermaid Crunch: You can relive your childhood dreams of becoming a mermaid AND tone your thighs at the same time! Click here to see how to do it.


2. Saddlebag Sizzler: Saddlebags are one of the toughest problem areas to get rid of, but this move can help! Click here to check it out.

3. Butterfly Bridge: To get your legs and booty in tip-top shape, try the butterfly bridge! Click here to learn how to do it.

butterfly bridge

4. Booty Rainbow: Target those glutes, hamstrings and quads all in one fluid movement! Here's how it works!

21. Fire Hydrant: Channel your inner canine with the fire hydrant. It work your glutes and thighs! Here's how it works.

Fire Hydrant

22. Plié Squat Into Side Kick: Get back in that plié position! It's time to work your quads, hamstrings and glutes. Here's how it works.

23. Thigh Sweep: Use your resistance band with this one to really challenge your thighs! Click here to see how to do it.


24. Power Squat: Get ready to squat like you've never squatted before! You'll power through the end with a jump straight into the air. Here's how to do it!

25. Frog Crunch on Stability Ball: It's no wonder frogs are so flexible! Keep doing this move and you'll be able to strike any yoga pose you want. Here's how to do it.

5. Stability Ball Leg Raises: Grab your stability ball and get to work! If you don't already have one, now is the time to invest. They take your workout to a whole new level, and there are tons of stability ball workouts on our site. Click here to see how to do stability ball leg raises!


6. Side Lunge with Lateral Lift: You'll feel the burn in your quads, hamstrings, hip flexors and glutes with this move. Here's how to do it!

7. Plié with Calf Raise: Sure, you remember enough of dance lessons to do a plié, but adding a calf raise takes it to another level. Here's how to do it.


8. Kneeling Leg Lift: Work those thighs and glutes with this move! Check it out here.

9. Glute Bridge with Leg Raise: Not only will this move work your glutes, but also your abs! Here's how it works!


10. Inner Thigh Lifts: To slim down and firm those inner thighs, try this move! Click here to see how it's done.

11. Donkey Kick Planks: Not only will this move tone your legs and glutes, but also your upper body as well! Here's how to do it!

donkey kick plank step 2

12. Hip Twister Planks: Work those hip abductors! You'll also feel it in your abs. Here's how it works.

13. Plank Up-Downs: This one gets pretty difficult after a couple reps, but keep at it! Learn how to do it by clicking here.

Plank Up Down

14. One Leg Squat: A fair warning, this one is not for beginners! You will actually be squatting on one leg. Here's how to do it.

15. Weighted Leg Circles: Strap on those ankle weights and get to work! Here's how it works.

skinny mom weighted leg circles

16. Knee Strikes: For this one, you'll want to get your knees up nice and high to get the most of it. Click here to see how to do it!

17. Squat Step with Resistance Band: Grab your resistance band and do some squat steps. They'll work your quads and glutes! Here's how it works.

Resistance Band Squat Step_ALL brooke girffin skinnymom

18. Knee Crossover Kick: You'll feel this move in your core and your butt. For an added challenge, hold a dumbbell in the crook behind your knee! Click here for details.

19. Hamstring Ball Tuck: Don't forget about your hammies! This move will get your whole body involved; you'll definitely feel it tomorrow. Here's how to do the hamstring ball tuck.

hamstring ball tuck

20. Scissor Kick: The scissor kick is great for strengthening your abs and thighs! Here's how to do it.

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