TRENDING: The Reason Why A Fitspo Couple Gained 60 Pounds On Purpose

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Sharny and Julius Kieser, the creators of the FitMum and FitDad workouts, are famed for their fit bodies and healthy lifestyle. They inspire thousands of people striving to get fit and healthy.

sharny and julius kieser

But a few months ago, they started eating "thousands of empty calories" in order to gain weight... on purpose.

The couple, who share six children together, was scrolling through Facebook when they had an ah-ha moment. "We were looking at all the fitness people and thinking, 'What do they know about being fat, about being parents, about being addicted to food?'" Julius, 35, says.

The Kiesers wanted to know what their fitness plan was like for the average Joe. “We wanted to get back in the trenches with our followers and live it up with them ... really go through the pain of quitting junk, feeling like crap and wanting to quit.”

“We ate a lot of sugar, which opened up the hunger,” Julius told Us Weekly. “We didn’t want our kids to see us eating so much junk, so we had a ‘secret stash’ of chocolates, biscuits and ice creams that we’d raid during the day. Then when they went to bed, we’d get a takeout pizza. … We’d eat thousands of empty calories.”

Check out Julius' photos before and after the weight gain:

julius weight gain
(Photo: Photo via Facebook)

And here is Sharny's:

sharny before after weight gain
(Photo: Photo via Facebook)

Julius said that they went up four sizes, their sleeping patterns were ruined. Julius gained 40 pounds and Sharny gained 20.

On August 14, the couple began their own fitness plans, FitMum and FitDad, that they founded years ago, to show their followers how effective their plan is.

Will you be following the Kiesers on their weight loss journeys? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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