10 Body-Sculpting Stability Ball Exercises

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The stability ball can be bulky and take up a lot of space, but it is so worth it to have one as part of your home gym. It's a great piece of equipment because it's so versatile! You can even use it as an office chair, because sitting on a stability ball while typing or working at your desk is a great way to improve your posture. It also works your legs and core by forcing you to constantly stabilize yourself so you don’t go rolling all around the room!

Of course, stability balls are great for workouts, too! They're excellent for developing balance and targeting specific muscle groups. Try these exercises to pump up your routine.

1. Stability Ball Balance Curl: You'll feel this move all over your body! Grab a dumbbell and let's get started. Click here to learn how to do a stability ball balance curl.

Stability Ball Balance Curl

2. Plank Tuck Twist: This move targets muscles all over your body, but it especially rocks your core. Click here to learn how to do the plank tuck twist.

plank tuck twist

3. Chest Fly on Stability Ball: The chest fly will work your triceps, but the stability ball will work your core. Learn how to combine them here.

chest fly stability ball

4. Stability Ball Bench Dip: This move really targets your entire body, and especially your triceps. Learn how to do it here.

stability ball bench dip

5. Hamstring Ball Tuck: You will certainly feel the aftermath of this move tomorrow! Give your abs a run for their money and click here.

hamstring ball tuck

6. Stability Ball V-Pass: Give your abs an extra workout than the basic crunch with this stability ball v-pass. Here's how.

stability ball v-pass

7. Stability Ball Pushups: This pushup will target your triceps and shoulders. It's a tough one, but we know you can do it! Click here to learn how to do a stability ball pushup.

stability ball pushup

8. Stability Ball Leg Raises: The stability ball adds resistance to a typical leg lift, giving your core and your legs a run for their money! Here's how to do it.

stability ball leg raises

9. Weighted Wall Squat with Stability Ball: Get your quads, hammies and glutes working hard with this move! Hopefully this doesn't remind you too much of your high school gym class. Click here to learn more.

weighted wall squat with stability ball

10. Frog Crunch on Stability Ball: Embrace your inner amphibian and work your abs, glutes, arms and legs with this all-encompassing move. Here's how to do it.

frog crunch on stability ball skinnymom brooke griffin all

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