TRENDING: These Women Can Lift 300+ Pounds Over Their Heads Like It's Nothing

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With the growing world of women's weightlifting means more understanding of the impressive and empowering sport. Not all weightlifting is created equal! Heavy weightlifting is divided up into three parts: Powerlifting, Olympic-style weightlifting and CrossFit lifting.

Powerlifting consists of three parts: the back squat, deadlift and bench press. Olympic-style involves the snatch and clean jerk lifts. And CrossFit includes some powerlifting and Olympic lifting, along with other high intensity training.

In order to fully understand the blood, sweat and tears that go into Olympic-style weightlifting, let's check out Shape's list of the USA's top women weightlifters!

1. Jenny Arthur: Jenny Arthur may have finished 6th at the Rio Olympics in the 75kg category, but she shattered the American weightlifting record for the weight class with a 107kg snatch—meaning she currently holds all American weightlifting records for the category.

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2. Sarah Robles: Chances are, you heard some buzz around this athlete during the Rio Olympics—I mean, Sarah Robles basically single-handedly inspired a female weightlifting movement and also brought home the first Olympic medal in weightlifting for Team USA in 16 years. How? Casually throwing 350 pounds over her head. No biggie.

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3. Mattie Rogers: As a Team USA weightlifter in the 69kg category, Mattie Rogers narrowly missed going to Rio. Follow this crowd favorite on Instagram to see if the Tokyo 2020 Olympic team is in her cards, and watch her make lifting 280+ pounds look crazy easy.

maggie rogers weightlifting
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4. Morghan King: Morghan King is a lifting powerhouse; at just 5 feet tall and 105 pounds (she competes in the 48kg category), King can clean and jerk more than twice her bodyweight. While that didn't earn her a medal in Rio, it did land her 6th place and an American record.

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5. Camille Brown: After an injury and other life events sidelined her for 18 months, Camille Brown is back in the competitive game, setting lifetime PRs of 75kg (165 pounds) for the snatch and a 95kg (209 pounds) for the clean and jerk—all at a 62kg body weight. Her hefty Instagram following is proof of her bright spirit and lifting knowledge. (She even has a bachelor's degree in kinesiology and a USA Weightlifting certification to prove it.)

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