TRENDING: Haylie Duff Says Moms 'Shouldn't Be Afraid To Formula Feed'

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Moms everywhere know the annoyances of unsolicited parenting advice. And just like the rest of us, actress and mother Haylie Duff revealed to Us Weekly that she too has a parenting pet peeve.

"All my friends have tiny little babies right now and when you go to a birthday party, the dads will be like, 'What a beautiful baby! Are you breast-feeding?'" the mom of 15-month-old daughter Ryan said. "I’m like, 'That’s not a normal question. That’s not an OK question.'"

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The "Real Girls Kitchen" star, who is engaged to entrepreneur Matt Rosenberg, nursed Ryan exclusively for nearly seven months, until a bout with food poisoning wiped out her milk supply. “That was awful. It was really hard for me,” Duff reveals. “I finally gave her a bottle of [Similac] … and there was no turning back. You shouldn’t be ashamed to formula feed.”

She continued: “Moms do so much comparing. This one has a gluten-free kid and that one doesn’t. This one has a nanny and that one doesn’t. Everybody needs to lighten up. We’re all doing our best.”

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To read the rest of the interview, click here for the original article from Us Weekly!

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