Can You Complete Today's Workout Challenge?

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Throw on some sweat pants, grab a water bottle and get ready to feel the burn, because there are no excuses today! This workout is quick, but that doesn't mean it's not going to work your muscles and your heart. This short HIIT session will have you sweating!

today's fitness challenge

50 Jumping Jacks: Get off your behind, and get started with this set of jumping jacks! It's a total body workout, which means you're working most of your major muscle groups. If you're looking to add a challenge to your session today, add some light hand weights and make your body work harder to perform the move. You can read more about it in our fitness index!


15 Pushups: The number might be intimidating, but you are capable! Pushups target the biceps and triceps, making it a killer arm workout that will have your muscles shaking when you're finished. (Isn't that the best feeling in the world?) If you want more information, you can find this move in our fitness index.


40 Sit-Ups: Push yourself hard with this core workout. Remember, focus on using your abdominal muscles to pull your body forward, not your neck. Read more about it in our fitness index.

sit up

25 Squats: Get down with this booty exercise that's sure to leave your muscles burning. Read more about this move here!


10 Lunges (per leg): This lower body workout targets your glutes, hamstrings and quads. Make sure to keep your back straight. If you need help performing the correct form of this move, click here!

Jumping Lunges

60-Second Wall Sit: It's a total body exercise, and you'll feel it all over. Your legs and core will be targeted especially. Make sure to keep your back pressed against the wall, and that you don't slouch forward! Read more about the wall sit here!

brooke griffin doing a wall sit