TRENDING: Jessie Graff Makes 'American Ninja Warrior' History In The Most Amazing Way

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Tuesday night, Jessie Graff made women everywhere jump (and karate kick) for joy when she became the first woman to ever complete Stage 1 of the "American Ninja Warrior" national finals. And she did it with 12 seconds to spare, we'll have you know.

jessie graff american ninja warrior
(Photo: David Becker/NBC)

The hit NBC TV show is famed for its difficult obstacle courses that require immense grit, determination and superhuman strength to complete.

Graff wowed audiences across the nation when she raced from obstacle to obstacle, mastering each one in a seemingly effortlessly way, even smiling as she completed the final obstacle. But the thing is, she's worked insanely hard to get to this point.

Graff works as a stuntwoman on The CW show "Supergirl" and specializes in bridge, building and roof stunts. When you see her complete real-life moves like the "Jumping Spider" and "Warped Wall", you know she's in the right career field.

In an interview with USA Today, Graff said that she grew up taking circus classes and competing in gymnastics, then pole vaulted through high school and college. Since then, she's earned black belts in Taekwondo and Kung Fu.

She said she never would have set her sights on "American Ninja Warrior" had she not suffered a knee injury. She tore her ACL, TCL and meniscus, which meant she wasn't able to participate in her usual martial arts-, parkour- and gymnastics-centered workouts. She thought, "I need a goal. I need something to focus on, put my physical energy into. I'm looking at 'Ninja Warrior'."

jessie graff
(Photo: Gabriel Olsen/Getty)

So what did that mean for the 32-year-old "Supergirl"? Focus on upper body strength. USA Today says she spent eight months building her grip strength and working on  pull-ups. At the start, she could do 3 pull-ups in a row. Before competing on "American Ninja Warrior," Graff could do 30 consecutive pull-ups.

"Without that knee injury, I never would have changed focus," she says.

Check out Graff making history (while wearing a custom Green Lantern-themed superhero costume) in the video below, then commit the video to memory for future fitspiration.

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