35 Most Pitiful (and Hilarious) Pinterest Food Fails

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We've all been here...Inspired by something fabulous on Pinterest only to find out we can't create anything more than a pitiful attempt at a remake that at best looks like a colorful mash up of melted crayons. Misery loves company, right? Right. So, we're betting you love this collection of pitiful Pinterest food fails from Buzzfeed as much as we do.

1. These inappropriate corn dog muffins:

A photo posted by MeJenta Spencer (@atnejem) on Aug 20, 2013 at 6:51pm PDT

2. This poor, unfortunate watermelon cake:

pinterest fail watermelon cake

3. This problematic vegan pasta:

pinterest fail problematic vegan pasta4. These unmotivated paleo cinnamon rolls:

pinterest fail cinnamon rolls

5. These doomed mozzarella bites:

pinterest fail mozzarella bites

6. This rainbow cake that rolled a little too hard:

pinterest fail rainbow cake

7. These stained-glass cookies:

pinterest fail stained glass heart cookies

8. These bunny blobscuits:

A photo posted by Sunday (@sundaystilwell) on Mar 31, 2013 at 11:44am PDT

9. These horrifying apple turkeys:

pinterest fail apple turkeys

10. This candy corn cookie calamity:

11. These sad cinnamon bun pancakes:

12. This 14-layer caketastrophe:

pinterest fail cake

13. These broken bacon hearts:

pinterest fail broken bacon hearts

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