14 Brain Power Snacks For Your Kids

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Fueling our kiddos for their fast-paced lives can be a challenge, especially at snack time. With loaded schedules and limited time, it’s easy to look to pre-packaged snacks for an easy fix to tide over their roaring bellies until the next meal. The downside is that often the artificial and processed ingredients in those pre-packaged snacks can leave them feeling sluggish or grumpy.

Here are 14 brain-boosting snacks that are still simple to prepare, and delicious for pint-sized picky palettes.

1. Yogurt Dip Apple Slices: Let them dunk and dip! A fun way to incorporate fruit is with a delicious dip. This yogurt version is an easy way to steer clear of dips loaded in sugar. Click here for the recipe.

Peanut butter yogurt dip

2. Cheese Cucumber Sandwiches: Trade in cheese and crackers for this veggie alternative that still offers a fabulous crunch! (via Mom.Me)

cheese cucumber sandwich

3. Frozen Blueberry Yogurt Bites: This homemade and healthy version of store-bought yogurt bites will be hard to keep in stock as little hands and grown-up hands alike will be reaching for this tasty treat. Click here for recipe.

Frozen Blueberry Yogurt Bites

4. Autumn Apple Oat Bars: Forget store-bought bars and prepare this flavorful oat version for the little ones. Pre-package them yourself by wrapping them in plastic wrap for easy portability. Click here for recipe.

autumn apple pie oatmeal bars

5. Blueberry Almond Trail Mix: Sometimes you just need to keep little hands occupied. This finger food can buy you some quiet time for road trips or that quick phone call and offers simple snacking with smart ingredients. Click here for recipe.

blueberry almond tailmix

6. Chocolate Avocado Pudding: Pudding is a pint-size person’s no-fail dessert. This option sneaks in veggies, but it’s likely that the little munchkins won’t look past the chocolate. (via How Sweet It Is)

avocado pudding

7. PB and Fruit Protein Balls: If PB&J is on your kiddo's must-have list, then these protein balls should be a snacking success. Click here for recipe.

pb and fruit protein balls

8. Skinny Raspberry Dip Fruit Skewers: This combination is perfect for any party or play date and is a yummy fruit option that's fun to build… and devour. Click here for recipe.


9. Spiced Chickpeas: This snack is insanely popular because of its healthy ingredients and snack-worthy portability. It’s easy to make on your own and much more cost efficient! Click here for recipe.

Skinny Mom Quick and Easy Spiced Chickpeas recipe

10. PB&J Sushi: For even more peanut butter and jelly fun, serve these PB&J sushi bites to the kids! We promise there's no fish.

11. Apple Sandwiches: Lose the bread with this amazing apple sandwich creation that packs in flavor and deliciously filling ingredients. (via Garnish With Lemon)

almond butter and granola apple sandwiches

12. Banana Dog Bites: Perfect for snacks or lunches, this rolled up combo of bananas and peanut butter is perfect for portability and packed with protein and flavor. (via Weelicious)

banana dogs

13. Mason Jar Veggies and Hummus: Mason jars offer an innovative way to carry healthy snacks on the go and can be modified to meet your likes and dislikes. Don't like hummus? Think peanut butter, homemade dressing, and more! (via Nugget Market)


14. Chia Yogurt Power Bowl: The power of chia – filling and fueling. Incorporate it into your kiddos' yogurt and leave them feeling satisfied and energized to tackle the rest of the day. (via Fit Foodie Finds)

chia yogurt