TRENDING: These Before And After Photos of 6 Weight Loss Transformations Are Major Motivation

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Sure, pictures of green smoothies, sunlit yoga studios, and mesh-paneled workout pants all make great fitspiration. But nothing is more motivating than holy-cow-she-looks-awesome before and after pics. Their success, no matter how long it took, is downright inspiring and encourages ladies with similar goals to get after it.

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With that in mind, Women's Health asked women who finally dropped the weight and got crazy-strong to share their photos and tell us how they got it done.

1. Mary Anderson, 25, 70 Pounds Lost: "I found that having an exercise buddy made working out fun and less nerve-racking. Scheduling in all my workouts for the week also helped me stay accountable. It took a year for me to get to my goal, and I've been maintaining for two years now."

body transformation pictures mary anderson
(Photo: Photo via Women's Health)

2. Jill Percia, 33, 20 Pounds Lost: "Cardio queen was my name and crash dieting was my game. I'd routinely eat under 1,000 calories (typically in the form of Lean Pockets or sugar-free Jell-O) during the week, then just drink tequila and eat pizza like crazy on the weekends. I didn't look completely horrendous—to other people, at least—but I was so over it! By removing 'fake' foods, adding more lean protein, drinking less alcohol, and turning all-out binges into consciously planned treat days, I think I lost 10 pounds in a month and felt like a new human."

body transformation pictures jill percia
(Photo: Photo via Women's Health)

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3. Katie Strauss, 30, 50 Pounds Lost: "I always had a hard time finding a workout I could keep up with. When I first started going to SoulCycle, I found that it was a place I could go and shut off completely for 45 minutes. I would leave class reconnected to myself, covered in sweat, and feeling so motivated and strong. Finding a workout that I love is what made a difference for me. It isn't something I have to do, it's something I want to do."

body transformation pictures katie strauss
(Photo: Photo via Women's Health)

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