No Excuses: We Planned Your Workout for Tonight

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pushup plank
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It's time to nudge the pudge! If you can't get the weight around your belly to go away, it might be time to take a look at your diet and exercise routines. We have compiled a list of at-home ab exercises that will help you shed the belly fat no matter your fitness level!

flat belly challenge

60-Second Forearm Plank: You can do anything for 60 seconds! Get down on your elbows and brace your abs for a killer workout. Click here to learn how to do a forearm plank.

60 Full Sit-Ups: Use your abs to pull yourself all the way up. Try not to rely on your lower back! Click here to see how to do a sit-up.

50 Mountain Climbers: This move will get your heart rate up and work your core at the same time — not to mention your shoulders and thighs, too! Click here to learn how to do mountain climbers.

40 Boat Crunches: The boat crunch is similar to the boat pose in yoga, but we're going to work that core even more! Learn how to do it here.

30 Leg Raises: Pull your belly button down into your spine to really engage your core and make sure you're using all the abdominal muscles instead of your back muscles. Click here for more info!

20 Windshield Wipers: This exercise will really work your obliques. Learn more here!

10 Reverse Crunches: Forget regular crunches! These reverse crunches will work your abs in a way you never knew. Here's how to do a reverse crunch.

Now reverse the order! Can you get through all the exercises? Share your progress in the comments below.

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